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S. Bad Company Condemned

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A,S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mumbarak: O Momins, Death and the pains caused by Death could be tolerable but the sufferings and the pains caused by bad Company is unbearable and the most intolerable.

O Momins, do not expect love from the people of the world. Love of the people of the world is not helpfull. Allah alone Loves you most. This world cannot give you as much love as Allah. Allah loves you boundlessly.

O Momins, in this world you will find everywhere disregards, disobedience, annoyance and one has to bear all for the sake of this world. You think your wife and children are your close and beloved ones, but infact they are not obedient to you. In most matters of your daily life they upset you, make you angry and disregard you for nothing. This is the proof that they are not obedient to you at all.

O Momins, those who advice you and direct you towards the wrong path, they are the deceivers and they betray you. Do not follow them. If you make a blunder and follow their undesirable wrong path, you will have to sufferimmensely.You will face misfortunes in your life. So do not make this blunder. It is because of wrong advice and wrong DIRECTORS you follow wrong paths and consequently the misfortunes come to you. Therefore be wise and sensible and follow Divine Teachings.

O Momins, if you have an enemy and he has never attacked you, this may give you an impression that he is your friend and you may think he is your brother. Once you will be friendly with your enemy and you will go closer to him he might do you harm. Your enemy can do you harm in any way he desires because you will be under his influence at this point and he will rule over you.

O Momins, you are bound to be misguided by your bad friends. Do not be misguided by such wrong people. Do not ignore your worldly duties and obligations. If you will ignore your worldly duties you will become a slave of this world, and you wi11 tend to ignore your Religious duties. You will lose your Eternal Spiritual Kingdom, the Akubat.

O Momins, beware of Bad Company. If a bad person comes to you treat him as Satan. Satan will guide you towards the wrong path and consequently you will have to face constant troubles and misfortunes.

O Momins, keep away from bad company. Do not associate with a bad person. Even if you sit close to him you will be affected in your life. If anyone sits close to a basket of charcoal he is bound to get afflicted with black spots and dark blemishes.

O Momins, you have to check the origin of a person, whether he is from a bad or lower origin. If he is of a bad origin he will not remain faithful to you and he will not remain on the right path. Friendship with such a person is bad friendship. People of this category will prove to be unfriendly. They are miserably degraded from their high position and they will not hesitate to disobey the Religious Institutions.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza A1i (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, if a branch of a tree is curved, its shelter will also be curved. In the same manner any person who is not of noble origin will not deal straightforwardly.

O Momins, take these teachings as the truth.

O Momins, anyone who will follow the right path all his tasks will be fulfilled. Contrary to this, anyone who will follow the wrong path, the tasks of his life will remain incomplete and prove unaccomplished.

O Momins, beware and keep good company. Keep friendship with intelligent and sensible people. If you will do so you will never be materially or spiritually disturbed. Contrary to this if you will associate with the irresponsible unintelligent and stupid people you will be a great loser in this and the next worlds. If you keep bad company, people will call you an unintelligent or bad person because of your bad company. For example, while a ship is surrounded amidst the stormy ocean, as a result of this, the boat man constantly fears of being sunk himself with his boat, in the same manner a friendship of a bad person is very risky and at the same time it is also dangerous. Be afraid of keeping bad company. Bad friends will hurt your feelings anytime even on small matters. If you keep bad company you will have to remain in constant fear and your heart and mind will not be at ease.

O Momins, do not assist an undeserving person. If you will do so you will be doing an injustice to yourself. Whether you assist physically or you help financially to any deserving person, you will be at a full advantage but if you will assist an undeserving person, you will be at a great disadvantage.

O Momins, choose to be alone than to associate with a bad person, because if you will associate with a bad person, you will learn and adopt bad habits. You will gain nothing from him but bad things. Keep a good company and you will gain knowledge and good advice from him.

O Momins, by chance if you cannot find a good friend, then remain alone. It is better to stay alone than to associate with bad people and their bad company.

O Momins, there might be a few irresponsible immature young boys. Their company is most dangerous. Such irresponsible youngsters might take you to a wrong path and as a result of their undesirable company one can ruin ones own spiritual life.

O Momins, follow the Holy Firman Mubarak of Mowla. Perform Ibadat Bandagi as per Divine Order. Follow exactly in accordance with the Holy Firmans of ALLAH.

O Momins, do not follow Holy Firmans half-heartedly. Follow up whole-heartedly with love and true devotion.

O Momins, beasts of jungle run away from people and people also keep away from the beasts. Both the people and the beasts do not agree with each other. Bad habits are like the beasts of the jungle. Discard bad habits. Adopt good habits and do good to all. Behave nicely with people in your daily life. Meet with your fellow brothers and sisters. Fortunately, you may come across a good, decent and religiously advanced person who can change your life. While you will keep on digging stoney soil you might find some day, priceless jewels -diamonds -a very fine and decent religious person and by his good company you can highly glorify your life.

O Momins, keep yourself alert. Be careful before you associate with people, lest bad people might lead you to wrong direction. To distinguish what is good as what is bad one needs a sense of judgement and good intelligence.

O Momins, among the groups of people you may find dangerous bad persons who could be SATAN. In case anyone robs your material wealth, you can earn it again but if your IMAN -FAITH is robbed by the SATAN how will you recover the IMAN?

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