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T. Know the People

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, judge all people and you will find vast differences between them. They will be different in their conversation. A person with whom you talk may be right, or he may be wrong.

O Momins, if you will use a sense of judgement, you will easily know the facts. A person whom you come in contact with may be worthy or he may be unworthy of keeping an association with him. Endeavour to know people and deal with them accordingly. If you will deal carefully with them, you will be happy throughout your life.

O Momins, you should also judge the intelligence of a person with whom you come in contact. Judge his nobility by his talks and actions. Judge his heart. If there is any malice in his heart, you will soon know by the way he talks and behaves.

O Momins, people who are noble will talk good and pleasant and those who are low, they will talk indecently. Those who are noble they will guide you to follow the right path and they will tell you to have a fear of the Day of Judgement.

O Momins, do not follow bad people. 'If you follow them, it will result into disaster. The wrath of ALLAH will befall upon you if you follow bad people.

O Momins, noble people prefer to associate with other noble people. If you wish to know the habits of a person, look at his friends and their behaviour. His behaviour will resemble that of the company he keeps.

O Momins, look also at the actions of a person. A good and noble person will not harm anybody. He will not harm himself either, and he will not speak a lie. A bad and indecent person will speak lies because he is shameless. Indecent persons will not be ashamed to do wrong.

O Momins, the nature and the origin of the person models his life. Anyone who is of good nature he will do good deeds in his life and in case if he will commit sins and faults he will regret for his faults immensely.

O Momins, a branch of the tree grows in accordance with the origin of the root in the same manner children becomes like their father and mother. Children' s behaviour will be formed in their life which depends on how thier father and mother behave. Pigeons will give birth to pigeons. Snakes will produce snakes.

O Momins. it is by the actions and the behaviours that each individual life is moulded. anyone who desires and has an ambitions to gain material wealth, he will gain wealth in his life and if he has a desire to achieve AKUBAT he can positively achieve AKUBAT -A Glory and the dignity of the ETERNAL life is achieved by fulfilling religious obligations.

O Momins, anyone who will keep love of ALLAH in his heart, his name will be recorded as the true lover and friend of ALLAH.

O Momins, do watch the interest and the hobbies of a person and also watch what he prefers. What are his likings. If he has a love for the material gains, he will be valued accordingly. Anyone who is found he has a love for AKUBAT, he will also be valued accordingly.

O Momins. it is the Holy Promise (KOL) of Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) that those who desires and have a craving of Holy Noorani Didar of ALLAH -life of such Holy person cannot be valued with this material world. His life is unique and priceless.

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