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U. Minimize Gossiping

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, the beauty of a talk shines when it is presented precisely and effectively. A talk, if it is expressed thoughtfully and meaningfully proves to be the best talk. Talk should be clear and explicit so that no person from an audience turns to ask further explanation unless the question is of the utmost important nature.

A lengthy talk becomes boring and unpleasant to listeners. A precise talk proves convincing and it is superb. Therefore avoid lenthy talks. O Momins, follow the Holy Qalam Mubarak and form a habit of presenting short and meaningful talks. By giving short talks obviously you will be able to avoid mistakes. Anyone who talks more, makes more mistakes and eventually he will have to regret for his mistakes.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali(A.S.) the master of the UNIVERSES says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, talk less as less as you can and you will not regret. Keep these Holy Qalam Mubarak in your heart.

O Momin, be assured that most of the difficulties and adversities arise by much talking.Man has to talk in life anyhow and his talks can be either good or bad.

O Momins, ALLAH has given you a tongue to say "ZIKAR", the Holy name of ALLAH.

O Momins, therefore remember ALLAH every moment, every time you breathe. Do not participate in bad talks. By participating with bad people difficulties and misfortunes comes in life. Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qa1am Mubarak: O Momins,for safety adopt safety dress. But do not make your safety dress dirty. This would mean do not direct your tongue towards bad talks. Do not direct your legs towards the bad and wrong path.

O Momins, if you will follow this Holy Qalam Mubarak, all your difficulties and misfortunes will disappear from your life. Do not talk bad. Do not act wrong. Do not go to a wrong place. This is the way to protect your selves. If you will protect yourself in this manner you will safeguarded.

Anyone who controls his tongue is safe. He is absolutely safeguarded.

O Momins, talk always with humility. Be humble. Do not talk bad of anybody. If you will refrain yourself from talking ill of others, as a result of your good virtue all people will love you and any person who is loved by all the Almighty ALLAH do not send calamities to him.

O Momins, silence is the superb virtue. Therefore keep control over your tongue (speach)and develop your power of concentration. Keep yourself silent and listen to others. If you will talk more you will encounter more and more obstacles. Look at the birds, BULBUL-MENA and Parrots.These birds are encaged because they talk a lot. Otherwise they do not do any harm anything to those who trap and imprison them.

O Momins, it is to your benefit safety if you can control your tongue or Speech. Talk only what is absolutely necessary. Avoid unnecessary talks. Think of angels, they are at absolute peace because they have controlled their tongue.

Qaramin and Qatbin are the two angels who write all the Actions of the human beings. Obviously they will not write anything if you will keep silent. When you will keep silent your body will be in harmony.

O Momins, you are the master and the ruler of your own body. You live in your body. But your stay in your body is not permanent. For this reason you should remember RAB-UL-AA'LMIN, ALLAH -the creator.

O Momins, tie your tongue. Just as thieves are tied up, tie your tongue and you will be able to rule your body.

O Momins, you have to pass through the way where you cannot find food and drinking water. For this reason carry food and drinking water with you.Your spiritual nourishment is good AA'MAL (actions) and IBADAT BANDAGI for the achievement of JANNAT-paradise-The Holy Noorani Didar of the Almighty ALLAH.

O Momins, back-biting is very bad. Those who do not do back- biting to others they are safe. Those who do not do NINDA (back- biting), they have verily achieved MARIFAT-E-ALLAH.

O Momins, those who have known ALLAH and have an understanding of His DIVINITY and also know that human beings are the intimates of ALLAH, since all souls are created from His DIVINE NOOR, they will not talk ill of anybody. They will on the contrary do good everything possible for their fellow brothers and sisters and all others in general.

O Momins, keep silent. Since many difficulties and obstacles arises by unnecessary talks, anyone who talks more is positively punished to a high extent. Look at the drums and the musical instruments, how they are treated. The one who talks less is respectfullly crowned. O Momins, be kind and humble to all and talk less as far as possible.

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