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V. Jealousy

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, Jealousy creates a perpetual fire within the heart of a jealous person.

O Momins, anyone who is Jealous of others his life is disgraceful. A jealous person punishes himself because he creates a fire of jealousy within his own heart. When a jealous person finds anyone happy and prosperous he feels jealous of him. There is a curse of ALLAH on the jealous person because a jealous person wishes misfortunes for others and good fortune for himself alone. As a result of his wrong thinking misfortunes befalls upon a jealous person. A jealous person is never happy. He is never at ease, even for a moment. A jealous person adopts adversities and unhappiness for himself.

O jealous fellow if you are sensible then why do you take upon on yourself all these undesirable and unnecessary pains that make you feel unhappy? With the terrible fire of Jealousy you burn your heart constantly, which is totally unprofitable to you.

O jealous fellow think for a moment that in this world all sorts of enmities between fellow beings can be reconciled and unity created among them but the enemity created out of jealousy cannot be reconciled under any circumstances.

O jealous fellow, if somebody murders a person there is a chance that a friendship can be created with the relatives of the victim but there is no end to enmity created by jealousy. A jealous person harms himself considerably. A jealous person degrades himself badly by his jealous nature. A jealous person burns his own heart by the fire of jealousy, just like a meat- pie burns on the fire plate. Jealousy is extremly bad and therefore a jealous person proves himself a bad man. To be jealous means to destroy the happiness of one's life and to take over undesirable and unnecessary pains in exchange. A person whose face is uncharming and also unfortunately if he has bad habits in his life. such a person is apparently in a pitiable state because of these two deplorable miseries. But by good fortune if one of the miseries turns good and his complexion becomes better some people might be prepared to LOVE him but if both misfortunes the uncharming face and the bad habits, still remains in him then naturally he would be miserable in his life.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, jealous persons will much regret on the DAY OF JUDGEMENT and particularly if any person who had been jealous of the Beloved ones of ALLAH, such a person will suffer and will be disgraced on the DAY OF JUDGEMENT. On that Great Day of Judgement a jealous person will see in his heart a fire of jealousy. Jealous person will be in a pitiable state on the Great Day of Judgement. Prophet Muhanmad Rasul Karim (S.A.S.) and His DIVINE PROGENY, PAK AA'LE RASUL, are the Most Beloved of ALLAH. Anyone who feels jealous of AA'LE RASUL he will be eventually doomed.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Murbarak: O Momins, discard absolutely JEALOUSY from your life. Avoid anger. Do not hurt the hearts of Momins. Keep this important Holy Firman -Qalam Mubarak -in your heart.

O Momins, if you will not listen this Holy Qalam Mubarak and if you will still become jealous of your fellow brothers and sisters, if you will keep anger in your heart, you will always be unhappy. There will be constant pains day and night in your heart and as a result of this, this world, this marvellous world created by ALLAH will be hard and narrow for you. Your life also will be narrow and miserable.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, do not commit sins. Even if one Performs IBADAT BANDAGI for one thousand years such a vast and great IBADAT is insufficient to redress the loss which comes by one major sin. Anyone who commits a major sin disobeys ALLAH. As a result of this such person destroys all the Spiritual treasures earned during his life time.

O Momins, perform IBADAT BANDAGI daily and regularly. Do not commit even one sin in your life.

O Momins, if a little portion of copper is mixed with pure gold, what will happen then? All the pure gold will be discoloured. It will be dark.

O Momins, discard jealousy completely from your heart. How long are you going to live in this world? Prophets and Pir- paygambers also had to leave this mortal world. This world is nothing but a dream of your mind.

O Momins, BEWARE Beware -and do 'NEK-KAMAI' (good actions). Do good to all. There is a day for you when you will quit this world. Do not talk sarcastically to anyone. You know it is very painful, very very painful to whom to tell sarcastic words. Do you know sarcastic words are even more painful and hurting than the injuries caused by a steel weapon.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, injuries caused by steel weapons such as daggers, swords and arrows, can be treated and eventually cured. But if anybody is addressed "NUGRO" or being without the "MURSHID QA'MIL" (The Spiritual Master -The Divine Authority), it is fatal and disastrous. A loss of such major blunder cannot be tolerated and cannot be redressed.

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