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W. Courage

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, be courageous. To keep up high spirit of courage in life is the sign of IMAN -A TRUE FAITH IN ALLAH. Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, anyone who keeps up a spirit of courage, the Almighty ALLAH by His boundless mercies and beneficience showers His choicest Blessings upon the courageous person. There is a positive sign of PERFECT IMAN to whom and where The Almighty ALLAH showers His Blessings and bestows His Divine Grace.

O Momins, peace and happiness are achieved absolutely by the Divine Grace of ALLAH and thereby mind and body enjoy contentment and all NEK UMEDS -best desires of the momins -are fulfilled. Consequently wealth, prosperity and Baraqats comes into the life. A courageous person has an anxiety for the material progress. He makes tremendous special efforts to achieve success and even if he makes a remarkable progress and gains a lot he still thinks and feels all that insufficient due to his vast and great courage. And if a courageous person achieves success in the Religious matters he can positively gain further higher stages due to his courage and ideal cravings. Anyone who has a fervent desire of having the GRACE OF ALMIGHTY ALLAH such a person of this great category is highly courageous.

Contrary to this any person who makes an effort to gain ones name and fame in the societies by such efforts he carries a burden of anxieties for himself and eventually his life ends with miseries and disappointments.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, whoever wishes to have upliftments, high respects and the reputation in life he should create a high spirit of courage. Courageous person is much admired. The Almighty ALLAH also makes tasks easier for the courageous person. The Almighty ALLAH bestows upon him His Divine Mercies and showers His choicest Blessings. Allah knows better about the how courageous a person is and ALLAH bestows upon him His Divine Grace.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, the human head is a significant part of the body because the spirit of courage flows from the head and it is because of this the mysteries in life are retained. Maintain the mystery of your heart and you will experience the DIVINE Beauty through the power of ZIKAR-E-ALLAH which has been most graciously Graced to you by the Divine Authority.

O Momins, have a high spirit of courage. Perform ZIKAR - IBADAT BANDAGI regularly and you can behold enthusiastically within yourself joy and the Bliss of the Holy Noorani Didar of ALLAH.

O Momins, whatever you visualize in ZAHIR or BATIN, the KHUDAVIND-E-HAQ exists within all beings. It is the NOOR of the PAK-PARWAR DIGAR -His Divine Light -THE NOOR -that shines within all and also everywhere.

O Momins, there is not a space or even a particle where ALLAH does not exist. He is OMNIPRESENT. Then why are you going far away in search of HIM? You have to be in Union with Him. Annihiliate your EGO, live within Him and you will experience the DIVINE MYSTERIOUS OF THE ALMIGHTY ALLAH

O Momins, the king NAWSHERWAN became prominent and he was known as the just king because he was imparting good justice to his people. HATIM became known in the world as the leading philanthropist by his charities. RUSTAM, by his tremendous high spirit of courage gained a good name and great fame as "PAHELWAN" (the stong man) in the world.

O Momins, all these achievements were made possible by the above personalities through the spirit of courage. Without the courage, this could not be made possible.

O Momins, look at the horses. They can win the race. It is due to a spirit of courage. The army by the high spirit of courage can capture vast lands and fulfil their desires.

O Momins, look at the divers. They dive so deep into the sea and bring up the priceless and most valuable real pearls. In the same manner, O Momins, you should make all endeavours with all the spirit, courage and enthusiasm to earn the spiritual treasures that are the benefits of religion.

O Momins, those who adopt a spirit of courage in life and follow the principles of religion and at the same time fulfill their sacred duties, such people are highly glorified with the spiritual status and they gain a dignity of "VALI" -THE SAINT.

O Momins, look at the elephants. By courage an elephant goes ahead and hits the strong fort and also it is courage by which a smaller lion jumps on the elephant and kills it suceessfully. A man by his courages is also able to kill the powerful and ferocious lion. Courage is a great energy and power.

O Momins, Mowla Raja by His Divine Grace and Power keeps His religion enlightened.

O Momins, Prophet Muhammed (S.A.S.) established the religion "ISLAM" by his great courage and faith. Because of His courage and faith the Almighty ALLAH showered His Grace upon the Prophet (S.A.S.) and the Prophet (S.A.S.) achieved victory over all the religions of the world.

O Momins, the Divine Light -"THE NOOR" -existed before creation and eventually "THE NOOR" has manifested in this world.

O Momins, any one who follows ISLAM with love the LIGHT OF GOD enlightenes within his heart.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, I have completed this Holy Qalam Mubarak and have said this Qalam includes four Tariqas (Shariat, Tariqat, Haqiqat and the Marifat) for the betterment and benefit of the people.

O Momins, read this Holy Qalam Mubarak regularly. Read this Holy Qalam Mubarak to your fellow brothers and sisters and follow the Divine teachings conscientiously.

O Momins, each and every word of this Holy Qalam Mubarak will enlighten your heart and will impart you with "MARIFAT-E- ALLAH"-the Knowledge of God. Anyone who follows the Divine Teachings of this Holy Qalam Mubarak will benefit greatly in his Life.

O Momins; "MARIFAT-E-ALLAH" (the Knowledge of God) is the most supreme of all achievements. In order to achieve it refrain from wrong doings and perform ZAHERI and BATUNI BANDAGI regularly. Every moment you breath, remember ALLAH THE CREATOR.

O Momins, say SHUKRANAS twice every moment you breathe. It is your most sacred duty to say SHUKRANAS - THANKS TO ALMIGHTY ALLAH -because it is by His DIVINE GRACE and boundless mercies that you are able to inhale and exhale your breath. The very process of breathing in your life is due to ALLAH'S DIVINE GRACE and it is a great Blessing for you.

O Momins, discard all wordly temptations.

O Momins, without your Beloved Mowla Mashooq everything else is artificial. Always be in a state of spiritual and Divine Love with your Beloved Khudavind-E-Haq. Be careful, there will be temptations everywhere in this world. So, refrain yourself from these worldly temptations and through ZIKAR and IBADAT BANDAGI you will be fortunate of beholding the Holy Didar of ALLAH.

O Momins, if you are fortunate enough to behold the Holy Didar of your Beloved Khudavind, then everything in this world will come to you at your disposal. This world will be under your obedience.

O Momins, ALLAH is the LIGHT of the HEAVEN and the EARTH and the “LA -MAKAN"- the Divine NOORANI ocean is boundless. There are Great mysteries in between the "LA MAKAN"and the "PATAL" (the Creation underneath the earth).

O Momins, everything that is visible and or heard, whether it is ZAHIR or BATIN, within everything and everywhere Khudavind is present. ALLAH IS THE OMNIPRESENT- engrave this TRUTH in your heart and understand the meaning of this Holy Qalam Mubarak.

O Momins, ALLAH’s mysteries are in the batin. Achieve benefits through IBADAT BANDAGI. The Almighty ALLAH with His Divine Grace imparts knowledge. ALLAH manifests Himself as the Guide. ALLAH manifests Himself as the Supreme Spiritual Lord and inspires spiritual instructions. When ALLAH is pleased, He showers His Divine Blessings upon the Momins and the Momins gain vast and deep spiritual knowledge and experiences.

O Momins, ALLAH is THE FIRST. He is the Last. He is ZAHIR and He is in the BATIN. Look anywhere and if your heart is pure and sincere, you will behold DIDAR-E KHUDAWIND HAQ -the ”DIVINE-LIGHT" -"NOOR OF ALLAH".

O Momins, ABANDON your EGO. ABANDON the idea of "I". In reality, "I" is non-existant; you are non-existent but ALLAH ALONE EXISTS EVERYWHERE.

Cultivate your thoughts to this high level and visualize the UNIQUENESS of ALLAH'. Become yourself' FANAH' -within HIM. ANNIHILIATE yourself WITHIN HIM and you will have an unusual experience that ALLAH alone exists. He is the UNIQUE -HE is the absolute DIVINE NOOR. HE is the 'NOOR-EN ALLAH NOOR'.


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