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Satgur Meeleeyaa Mune Aaj - Translation C



Imam Begum

I enjoyed the extreme joy when I met and gained the recognition of the true Spiritual Lord. ...1

On meeting the Lord of the age, all my miseries and sorrows disappeared, and He, in his infinite mercy, fulfilled all my heart's desires. ...2

With the holy didar of my Imam, my heart enjoyed the greatest joy and satisfaction, and I achieved a rule over an exalted stage. ...3

It is difficult to talk and explain this stage as none understand its way. ...4

Those who experience the benefits of this stage, enjoy the unexpressable bliss and feel the presence of the Lord in their hearts. ...5

Those who experience the divine light in their hearts become convinced that the rule of Almighty Allah is spread to every single atom in the universe. ...6

Imam Begum says, "Listen to me, O momins! Ali Nabi i.e. Hazir Imam is our Spiritual Master." ...7

Heritage Society Collection

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