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Spiritual Leader Pays Working Visit to Tajikistan-1998-09-24

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Event - 1998-09-24
Thursday, 1998, September 24

The spiritual leader of
the world Ishmaelites, Prince Aga Khan IV, who is paying a week-
long visit to Tajikistan at the invitation of President emomali
Rakhmonov, on Thursday left for the Gorno-Badakhshan
autonomous region where the most populous diaspora of
Ishmaelites resides.

The spiritual leader of the murids, the followers of the "living
God," or crown prince Aga Khan IV, is accompanied on the
Badakhshan journey, just as during his visit to Tajikistan in May
1995, by President Emomali Rakhmonov.

During his stay in Khorog, the administrative centre of the
autonomous region, Aga Khan IV and the Tajik head of state will
meet the region's leaders and public, and visit a number of
educational establishments. they are also expected to hold informal
meetings with the residents of the city and neighbouring villages.

The visitors will also attend a festive opening ceremony at a school
built with assistance from the Aga Khan fund.

The republic as a whole and Badakhshan in particular value highly
Aga Khan's appreciable humanitarian aid to the population of this
highland area. His aid was of special importance during the armed
confrontation in the country from 1992 and a number of
subsequent years.

During the current visit, further cooperation and Aga Khan's
participation in a number of major humanitarian projects is being
considered. The Prince has already held conversations with
Tajikistan President Emomali Rakhmonov, Prime Minister Yakhye
Azimov and other leaders of the republic, as well as the chairman
of the National Reconciliation commission, Tajik opposition leader
Sayed Abdullo Nouri.

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