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Khisrou Nosir, Khvala remeslennikam

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  1951
Authors  Selvinskii, I., transl.
Volume and Pages  SERIES: Tajikskaya poezia ; VOLUME: LXVIII/LXIX ; PAGES: P. 255
Edition  Antologia tajikskoi poezii.
Place  Stalinabad, Moscow
Key Words  Russian; Bibliography

Nasir-i Khusraw, in praise of craftsmen ; DETAILS: "Khisrou Nosir, Khvala remeslennikam" [Nasir-i Khusraw, in praise of craftsmen]. In Tajikskaya poezia LXVIII/LXIX. Stalinabad, 1949; Antologia tajikskoi poezii. Moscow, 1951. P. 255

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