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Aga Khan attends International Donors Conference - 2008-06-12

Thursday, 2008, June 12

2008, June 12: Prince Karim Aga Khan Aga Khan and Afghan President Hamid Karzai attended at the Kleber Center on June 12, 2008 in Paris the international donors conference to raise billions of dollars in aid for Afghanistan. [click on image for bigger picture] [More]

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This part of Afghanistan where people don’t know about Taliban

Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan

WAKHAN CORRIDOR: “Taliban — what’s that?” asks Sultan Begium shyly from her freezing home in Afghanistan’s mountainous Wakhan Corridor, a region so remote that its residents are untouched by the decades of conflict that have devastated their country.

The frail-looking grandmother whose harsh life has etched deep lines in her face, is a woman of the Wakhi, a tribe of roughly 12,000 nomadic people who populate the area.

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