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EXCLUSIVE: Evidence for Aga Khan Lawsuit - multipart report - 2010-05-01

Albums for EXCLUSIVE: Evidence for Aga Khan Lawsuit - multipart report - 2010-05-01

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Copyright Lawsuit: Expert says Notarized Affirmation is a FAKE! - 2010-06-22

Heritage News

Breaking their silence of more than a month following the wide circulation of the Notarized Affirmation purported to have been signed in Boston by H.H. the Aga Khan, Defendants have disclosed their findings that the Affirmation is fake and they have therefore swiftly filed a Motion for Summary Judgment to be heard on July 12th 2010 at the Federal Court of Canada. The Motion says: "The activities complained of are not infringing the rights of the Aga Khan, who it appears from the forged signatures, has not authorized this action.

EXPOSED #4: The Cat is out of the Bag in the case of the Lawsuit Allegedly by the Aga Khan - 2010-05-08

Heritage News

What and who triggered the announcements of LIF in all JK of the world? That is an important question in the matter of the Copyright Lawsuit purported to be from “The Aga Khan.”

In February, long before the lawsuit, there was a phone call received by one of the defendants after he reported to Aiglemont that he had discovered that the Imam’s signature was being forged.

Why was it necessary to forge Imam’s signature? Who did it? How many more forgeries were done?

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