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7. Unpublished Ginans

Pirs wrote thousands of Ginans, many of which are lost.
600 of them were recovered and published in the Ginan compilation by Mukhi Lalji Devraj's the Khojki Printing press.
Ismaili Manuscripts are still being found with unpublished Ginans.
A few are linked below.

Some examples of possibly unpublished ginan titles can be found in the Heritage Society's partial Khojki Manuscript catalogue: http://ismaili.net/heritage/node/23075

Virâ bhâi din hakikati dasm dil mahe - Pîr Sadr al-Dîn (unpublished)
Jire e yarâ je kario te âp murad - Pîr Shams (unpublished)
Marâ munivar bhâi desh uttar thinde - Pîr Sadr al-Dîn (unpublished)
Eji par ghar prit nâ kije - Pîr Sadr al-Dîn (unpublished)
Rukhi mugat rae ji es huâ - Pîr Sadr al-Dîn (unpublished)
Virchâ sher mahe shâh maro - Imâm Shâh (unpublished)
Eji dhunabhi dhunabhi sâmi maro - Pîr Shams (unpublished)
E virâ marâ dhan putrâ mayâ; - Pîr Shams (unpublished)
Dhan dhan sâmi râjâ tu sarjanhar - Sayyid Imâm Shâh (unpublished)
E virâ bhâi kar lio bande - Imâm Shâh (unpublished)
Ahio ahio haseji - Pîr Sadr al-Dîn (jodilo, unpublished)
Eji roj kiyamat dîn avie - Pîr Hasan Kabîr al-Dîn (unpublished)
Mahadîn rah hasedâ - Pîr Hasan Kabîr al-Dîn (unpublished)
Sahiâ so mahadev ali nur shâh - Pîr Sadr al-Dîn (unpublished)
Eji pelore name sâhebji ko vadolije - Pîr Shams (unpublished)
Pîr tam turat thani badhi - Pîr Sadr al-Dîn (4th jodilo, unpublished)
Vir jâ shar to shatore - Pîr Indra Imâm Dîn (unpublished)
Eji picho payâ soi parat - Pîr Shams (unpublished)
Eji mero shâh â sreve hekman - Pîr Hasan Kabîr al-Dîn (unpublished)
Khipat rupvae - Pîr Sadr al-Dîn (3rd Jodilo, unpublished)
Eji kaho kaho pindatâ jug satjug keri batiâ - Pîr Sadr al-Dîn and Hasan Kabîr al-Dîn (unpublished)
Hu balhari tame shâh - Pîr Hasan Kabîr al-Dîn (unpublished)
Ho jire virâ sat nâ gat virâ srevie - Imâm Shâh (unpublished)
Sat suno ne sat sambharo - Pîr Sadr al-Dîn (unpublished)
Tari âs karine hurâ chalkar âvire - Imâm Shâh (unpublished)
Shâh srevo hek man - Pîr Hasan Kabîr al-Dîn (unpublished)
Abdu kiare zanu mahe ginân (unpublished)

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