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Moman Tchetamni - Selected verses for Mehraj

102) Eji Nabi Mohammed ne shahe maeraj te raviaa
Tyan dithi te kudrat aapar
Tare farman aaviyo Ali janab thi
Tame chinta ma karo lagaar Cheto....

102. When Prophet was called on (experienced) Meraj, he saw many wonderful
things and Hazrat Ali made a Farman to him not to worry.

103) Eji Tam ghar farzand bibi Fatima
Teno am pase che bharthar
Te kul tamari mahain avtariya
Te Abu Talib ne gher avtar Cheto....

103. I have chosen a husband for your daughter, Bibi Fatima, who has come
to you through Abu Talib's lineage.

104) Eji Te roop amaroon jaanjo
Te Mowla Murtaza Ali avtar
Ali allah aek kari jaanjo
Te mahain shak ma aanjo lagaar Cheto....

104. Know My form, for though I am manifest in Murtaza Ali, I am the
Creator and do not doubt that.

105) Eji Jyare aevo farman aaviyo hazar thi
Tare Nabi Mohammed ne aaviyo aetbaar
Tyan dithi kudrat kadar tani
Boliya Nabi Mohammed teni var Cheto.....

105. When the Prophet heard this at Meraj, he gained faith and he saw
awe-inspiring things.

106) Eji Tare araj kidhi Ali janab ma
Tame sambaro parvardigar
Ali allah aek farmaviya
Teno te koon karshe aetbaar Cheto....

106. He requested Hazrat Ali saying, "How will I convince my fellow human
beings that you are God Manifest?"

107) Eji Tare dargah mathi farman aaviyo
Tame sambaro Mohammed mora piyar
Tam ghar farzand bibi Fatima
Teno Ali che bharthar Cheto.....

107. The reply from the Heaven to the Prophet was: "O My beloved Prophet,
marry your daughter to Hazrat Ali."

108) Eji Tam ghar farzand nar che
Am ghar farzand the bharthar
Tame Mohammed ame jallshanho
Aapan donoon no ay che vahevar Cheto.....

108. You have a daughter and I have the husband for her. You are Muhammed
and I am "Jal Shahnur"(Creator). Together we will carry on the mission.

109) Eji Jyare ae farzand mota thashe
Tyare karshoon te duniaanoon aachar
Ame tame donoon aek chiae
Tenoon koie na karsho vichar Cheto......

109. When your daughter will grow older I will create the circumstance for
her to marry Ali for indeed you are
from My Noor, so don't worry about the future.

110) Eji Bibi Fatima voravajo
Te Hazrat Ali gher nar
Tene tame tyan aaljo
Dejo dej mahain khawja char Cheto.....

110. Marry Bibi Fatima to Hazrat Ali in the dowry give her four servants.

111) Eji Te khawja raheshe hazoor main
Te upare bibi Fatima dharshe piyar
Teni dua ae tito vijshe
Tena thashe baho parivar Cheto....

111. These servants will stay with her and will respect and love Bibi
Fatima and she will ove them. These
servants will be regular in their prayers and their families will be happy.

112) Eji Teto manshe Mowla Ali ne
Seva karshe dhari baho pujar
Teno allah te ali kahiae
Je koie aanshe itbaar Cheto....

112. They will also believe in Hazrat Ali and will serve Him with love and
will acknowledge Ali as Allah.

113) Eji Ali allah je koie manshe
Teno pir te Nabi Mohammed avtar
Je nabi jini aal mahain thi upajshe
Te pir musalle saar Cheto....

113. Those who will acknowledge Ali as Allah, they are indeed equivalent
to Pir and Nabi, and one can call them as from Nabi.

114) Eji Aal alijini sahi kari manshe
Je thashe te khawja no parwar
Sache sidake te chalshe
Ali Mohammed ni aal upar rakhshe piyar Cheto....

114. Momins, believe Ali's progeny to be true and those who will do this
will get the benefit as those servants did. They will also be guided to
the right path if they will love Ali and Muhammed.

115) Eji Tena iamn ame rakhshoon
Jyare vartse kaljug kalikar
Tene potana kari rakhshoon
Aagal mahadan mahain utarsoon paar Cheto.....

115. We will believe with true Iman in Ali, especially in this present
material world (Kaljoog); we will also
consider Him as our own so that He will be our cause for salvation. (This
is what the servants will pledge.)

116) Eji Tare Nabi Mohammed boiya
Tame sambaro parvardigaar
Tamare farman ne ame chalsoon
Tame mehar karo sirjan haar Cheto.....

116. Nabi then replied, "O My Lord, I will obey Your Farman, please be
Merciful on me."

117) Eji Te Ali Mohammed aek che
Tena nam na joaa joaa vichar
Ali kirtar vishanu kahiae
Nabi Mohammed brahma jino avtar Cheto....

117. Momins, Ali and Muhammed are one. It is like different attributes of
God as one who would compare Ali to
Vishnu and Muhammed to Brahma.

118) Eji Tame sirjanhaar aem boliya
Jenon naam parvardigaar
Maheshwar murat te mahain mili
Te aadam safiullah noon avtar Cheto....

118. The Lord then replied: The Lord who is the Creator of this universe -
Maheshvar is that Creator and He
has created Hazrat Adam and manifested Himself.

119) Eji Tare maheraj mahain thi Mohammed utariya
Te aaviya jyan hato potano parivar
Aasane aavi parvariya
Tyan betiya Ali var dataar Cheto....

119. The Prophet then came down from his Meraj to his house and went to
bed where he met Hazrat Ali.

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