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A Volunteer's experience of visit of Hazar Imam to Edmonton 2012-10-24

Wednesday, 2012, October 24

Hazar Imam's Visit to Edmonton
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2012 14:18:08 -0700

Ya Ali Madad,

Hazar Imam visited Edmonton Alberta, Canada.He arrived on 23rd night,
Tuesday at 8:30 pm, for an Official visit and proceeded to Hotel MacDonald.

He waved with both hands and smiled to the volunteers on duty,Yasmina got a
glimpse of him as she was on duty being the Vice Major.
The jamat on the whole was requested not to congregate as this was a private
and official visit.
On Wednesday morning he signed an agreement with the Govt of Alberta, a
treaty of collaboration-the first of its kind in Canada. Thereafter the same
evening before departure, he intended to quickly view the Devonian Gardens
(Hazar Imam's gift to Edmonton ) and left on Wednesday evening.

He expressed his wish for a meal of Biryani on day 1, so the seva dharis
made chicken samosa, beef biryani and badam paak, and for day 2 his wish
was to eat Daal Rice and Fish.
He expressed clearly that he be served from the same meal that was cooked
for all the volunteers.

On Thursday he had no time for lunch so he expressed his wish to send that
food to his flight, he was extremely happy as was expressed to the attending
Jamati leaders.

Here is a very short news coverage of the signing ceremony.


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