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ya ali madad

Assalamu alaykumMawlana Hazir Imam. Shah Karim Agha Khan. My name is Sakhi jan, and I am from Kashgar City , Xinjiang Province , China.I am Ismaili Tajik, I am 25 yeards old, I have lost my parents in my childhood,I left my city in 1997. and come to Urumqi City to find some work, And I didn’t forget that I belong to Ismaili jamaat, than I try to know about our Ismaili jamaat and people and you “our Hazir Imam”. I and know lots of about the ismaili jamat and our hazir Imam, and for last four years I tried to contact “our Beloved Hazir imam.”I want to know more about us and want to contact with you Our beloved “hazir Imam”Sent many emails and faxes to many contacts related to our ismaili jamat in france and other countries. But still I can’t able to find some way to express my own feelings to someone relevant.And I think that you know we the citizens of china lived in xinjiang province. We faced lots of problems to make passport to travel
abroad.and also financial problems not let us to do that,And try to send this fax…and I hope that some one let my feelings to His highness prince shah karim agha khan. And hope that I can meet with his highness prince karim agha via telephone or internet, and to hear his voice.I don’t know English and this letter is written by friend.if found any mistake please forgive me.Sincerely Sakhi jan 0086-13899944984email: sakhijan_88@yahoo.com.cn

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