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Avichal Allah, Avichal Khalaq

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Publication Type  Translation
Year of Publication  1993
Authors  Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz Ali

11 pages

Key Words  Pir sadardin; ginan; meaning; avichal allal; ismaili; translation

A short 11 page explanation of the ginan of Pir Sadardin: Avichal Allah, Avichal Khalaq 13 couplet meaning verse by verse but also of concept and end with some info on Urdu language.

Avichal allah avichal khalak - Meaning and comments by Mumtaz Ali Tajdddin


The meaning of the Ginan " Avichal Allah, Avichal Khalaq" of Pir Sadardin. (d.1416)

the ginans is 13 couplets is translated and commented line by line and on its concepts. The ginan is in Hindi that incorporates many Persian words and some Arabic ones.

Download link for the PDF file is given here below.

Avichal Allah Avichal Khalaq by Mumtaz Ali Tajddin.pdf701.97 KB

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