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Translation of Sati-yaa sat-e chaaliye

Sati-yaa sat-e chaaliye

Satiaa sat-e chaalie,
chhaanddho avaraa-sun neh - ho ji 1

O truthful ones! Proceed truthfully, give up love for others.

Duniyaa rang patang chhe,
aakhar dese tamne chheh - ho jire 2

The world is like the color of the moth; it will eventually betray you.

Dasond dhanni-ne aalie,
sir baandhie paavan - ho jire 3

Offer Dasond to the Imam and bind your head to purity.

Sat Gur malse bhaai prem-sun,
tajie vikhiaae vachan - ho jire 4

You will obtain the True Guide through love and devotion; leave aside toxic talks.

Paanche nirmal kijie,
saacho chatur-sun vevaar - ho jire 5

Maintain your five senses in purity; and keep relationship with the True All-Wise/Intelligent one.

Kaarann khel anant nu,
lejo ginaan nu vichaar - ho jire 6

Since the purpose (of creation) is a play for the Countless (to be saved), seek understanding from the Ginans.

Soi tame srevo noor-ne,
kareo apnnaa jiv ni husiaari - ho jire 7

Serve/Worship that Noor and be vigilant regarding your soul.

Aapo matte hari pargatte,
prite kareo aanhi srevaa - ho jire 8

When the ego will die, the Lord will manifest, with love perform His service.

Aad ante hari ek chhe,
jaanno mursid-ni sevaa - ho jire 9

Since the beginning until the end, there is one Lord, (with this awareness) understand the Master's serve/worship.

Asraafil to rang hay,
dil maanhe kaayam dev - ho jire 10

Israfil is but a color (form), whereas in the heart the Lord is everpresent.

Jiv nu mul vichaartaa,
pachhe bhaai aatam bhev - ho jire 11

By contemplating the worth of your soul, it's mystery will unfold.

Sat Gur vinaa avar na dhiaaie,
jo bhanne paachei ved - ho jire 12

Do not follow anyone else besides the True Guide, even if he/she has studied the five Vedas.

Gur-e sat rehenni vataaveaa,
kadik hove bhav paar - ho jire 13

The Guide has shown you the Path. Someday you will get salvation.

Sat Gur charanne chinta baandhie,
laie vivek vichaar - ho jire 14

Focus your attention towards the feet of the True Guide and obtain wisdom.

Pinddhto kaachi kaayaa,
chhodd chale sarve sansaar - ho jire 15

The body is fragile and unstable, the whole world will leave it behind.

Ahonis kirat kijie,
Sat Gur vachane vevaar - ho jire 16

Day and night perform good deeds according to commands of the True Guide.

Ginaan ami maahaaras pijie,
avar ami sarve fandaa - ho jire 17

Drink the nectar of Ginans, all other nectars are traps.

Sab gatt saaheb raajo lijie,
jesaa punam chandaa - ho jire 18

In every heart perceive the presence of the Kingly Lord, like the full moon.

Ishvar, Bhramaa san mukh haay,
to vich pavan chalaae - ho jire 19

Lord Ishvar (the Ruler) and the Lord bhrama (the Creator) are in front of you. Then between them have your breaths (Pir Shah).

Preme prite hari lijie,
jikare kareo umaayo - ho jire 20

Through loving devotion obtain the Lord. Supplicate with Zikr.

Jikare jalaayaa je momanaa,
tenne tajeaa vikaar - ho jire 21

Those momins who have attached themselves to Zikr, have abandoned all evils.

Nar Mahammad Shaah sat boleaa,
girabh ttale to bhav paar - ho jire 22

Sayyed Nar Muhammad Shah has spoken the truth. If pride is shunned then freedom is attained.

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