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Princess Zahra Aga Khan reaffirms continued AKDN support to Afghanistan 2017-04-24

Princess Zahra Aga Khan in Gorno-Badashan Tajikistan  2017-04-26
Monday, 2017, April 24

Princess Zahra Aga Khan, the daughter of Prince Karim Aga Khan met with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in ARG Palace today and reaffirmed continued support to the Aga Khan Development Network to Afghanistan.

According to the informed sources, Princess Zahra, the head of the social welfare of the Aga Khan Development Network, was accompanied by a delegation of the network during her visit to ARG Palace.

The sources further added that President Ghani hailed the Aga Khan Development for its services in Afghanistan, specifically in the reconstruction and restoration of the country the historic sites including the Chelsitoon park.

Pointing towards AKDN’s rich experience in the rehabilitation and restoration of the historic sites, President Ghani urged the network to assist the Afghan students with the training in this sector.

The First Lady of Afghanistan Rola Ghani also emphasized on the importance of AKDN’s role in supporting the Afghan women in healthcare, education, and access to justice.

In her turn, Princess Zahra reaffirmed continued support of AKDN to Afghanistan and said the main purpose of her visit to Afghanistan is to inaugurate the Telemedicine hospital in Bamyan besides visiting the project sites where rehabilitation of the historic sites are underway.

She also added that the one of the purposes of her visit to Afghanistan is to also seek opportunities available for further cooperation in other sectors.


Speech by Princess Zahra Aga Khan at the Inauguration of the Bamyan Provincial Hospital, Afghanistan 2017-04-25

Princess Zahra Aga Khan delivers her speech at the Inauguration of the Bamyan Provincial Hospital.  2017-04-26


Your Excellency Second Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Sarwar Danesh,
Your Excellency Minister of Public Health, Dr. Firozuddin Firoz,
Your Excellency Minister of Public Works, Engineer Mahmoud Baligh,
Your Excellency, Governor Mohamed Tahir Zohair,
Your Excellency Ambassador Kenneth Neufeld,
Your Excellency Ambassador François Richier,
distinguished guests,
ladies and gentlemen,

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