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Ab teri mohobat laagi

Pir Shams
bhg2-084 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay, Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934

Eji Ab teri mohobat laagi,
dil mere mohobat laagi;
nenunse nen milaavo o mere saaheb 1

Eji Kholo pardaa sanmukh dekho,
hans hans mukh dikhlaavo - o mere saaheb 2

Eji Teri surat-ke Pir Shams piaasaa,
darsan daan dilaavo - o mere saaheb 3

Eji Ham-sun ris na karie o piaaraa,
ham-ku sang chalaavo - o mere saaheb 4

Eji Juvaani divaani so kuchh na nibhegi,
jiun nadiun kaa nir chalaavo - o mere saaheb 5

Eji Aashak teraa tere saath chalegaa,
dosti dil bich laavo - o mere saaheb 6

Eji Chhel chhabilaa e suno albelaa,
mayaa tun man bich laavo - o mere saaheb 7

Eji Chanchal chaalaa e joban matvaalaa,
mohbat man-men laavo - o mere saaheb 8

Eji Teri ramajkaa piaa men hun divaanaa,
ishk akal bhulavo - o mere saaheb 9

Eji Mukhddaa dekhiaa tab man harakheaa,
Pir Shamsh kanthi sunnaayaa - o mere saaheb 10

Translation & Transcription

Ab Teree Mohobat Laagee

Ab teri mohobat laagi


ejee ab teree mahobat laagee, dil mere mahobat laagee
nainuse nain milaavo o mere saaheb, ab teree mahobat laagee..1

O my Lord! Now I am in love with you, my heart is filled with love for You. Let Your eyes meet mine, O my Lord! Now I am in love with You.

ejee kholo pardaa sanmukh dekho'
has has mukh dikhlaavo mere o saaheb...ab teree..............2

O my Lord! Open the curtain and look at me face to face. Bless me with the sight of Your smiling face.

ejee teree suratkaa peer shams pyaasaa

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