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Til bhaar tulannaa

Pir Sadardin
bhg1-059 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay, Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934

Eji Til bhaar tulnnaa khane ki dhaar chalannaa,
aa Shaah til til kaa lekhaa diyanna mere jiv kun
to mei kyaa karun jiv aapnnaa
aap savaarath bhaai raat kaa sapanaa
pindh savaarth bhaai rayann kaa sapnaa ...to mei 1

Eji Aagal haatt na paatt na voraa,
tiyaan sat kaa samar saathe liyaannaa ...to mei 2

Eji Tiyaan soh soh karanni suraj tap she,
tiyaan kiyaan chipa naa
kiyaan dhundhnnaa mere jiv kun ...to mei 3

Eji Eso ginaan Pir bhannave Sadardin,
aa Shaah fazal karo
to jiv chuttnnaa mere jiv kun ...to mei 4

Translation & Transcription

Teel Bhaar Tulnaa - Translation

Til bhaar tulannaa


Pir Sadardeen

O believers! (On doomsday, your good and evil deeds) shall be weighed even in whits (as if to) walk on the edge of a sword.

O Lord! My soul will have to give account for whitful deeds (very) minutely. What should I do for my soul?

(Because) O brothers! Our selves are (very) selfish like a night's dream. ...1

O believers! Neither a shop nor a stall or a deadline (in good deeds) would exist hereafter. There (your soul) would need to be equipped with a tiffin (provision of good deeds). ...2

Translation of Til bhaar tulannaa

Til bhaar tulannaa

Til bhaar tulannaa

Eji Til bhaar toolña khaneki dhaar chalña
Yaasha til tilka lekha deeñaa(n) mere jivku(n)..

To me(n) kiya karu(n) jiv aapña
Aap savaarath bhai raatka sapna
Peend savaarath bhai raiyañka sapna.. ..To me(n)..1

O momins! Matters even as insignificant in weight as a sesame seed will have to be accounted for, rendering this path sharp as the edge of a sword to tread upon. O my Imam! My soul will indeed have to account for even a sesame's weight (of deeds).

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