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Heritage Dictionary of ismailism, entry #409

(659-713AD,) Imam in 680. He was born in Madina, son of Imam Hussain andPersian Princess Sherbanu. Wrote a Dua book and also the book "Sahifa -e Sujjadia". Was appointed as Imam at the age of 22years. Escaped the massacre of Kerbala. Imam Zainul abidin was poisonned by 6th Ommayad Caliph al-Walid in September 713.

(659-713AD,) Imam en 680. Né à médine, fils de l'Imam Husseyn et la princesse persanne Sherbanu. Auteur d'un livre de Du'a et du "Sahifa -e Sujjadia". Succéda à son père à 22 ans. Echappa au massacre de Kerbala. Fut empoisonné par le 6e Kalife Omeyyade al-Walid en sept 713.

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