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While its Charter is new, AKU is a firmly established institution in Kenya: It has been operating here since 2002, under a letter of interim authority from the Government. Moreover, as an agency of the Aga Khan Development Network, the University is part of a wide-ranging effort to improve quality of life in East Africa, and that dates back more than 100 years, to the schools founded by my grandfather, Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah Aga Khan, in the early 20th century.


The Charter details AKU’s functions, powers, obligations, and governance. But it is more than a legal document. It is a vote of confidence in AKU and all those who are part of it – our faculty, our staff, administration, students, alumni, friends, and supporters.


I should also mention here the headlines of this past week—which chart the widening gulf between Islamic and Western societies. Here the culprit has not been military action or diplomatic failure but the power of media images----deeply offensive caricatures -- which have profoundly offended one billion four hundred million Muslims around the world— including myself.

Aga Khan and the Pakistan Movement 1877-11-02

File photo of Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III
newsweek www.newsweekpakistan.com

The state of Pakistan and its inhabitants owe a debt of gratitude to Aga Khan III for his contributions to its development


But as the joys of human love surpass all that riches and power may bring a man, so does that greater spiritual love and enlightenment, the fruit of that sublime experience of the direct vision of reality which is God's gift and grace, surpass all that the finest, truest human love can offer. For that gift we must ever pray.


t is said that we live, move and have our being in God. We find this concept expressed often in the Koran, not in those words of course, but just as beautifully and more tersely. But when we realize the meaning of this saying, we are already preparing ourselves for the gift of the power of direct experience


I want to say also that in the next months Toronto will come up on our radar screen of great cities around the world (applause). Today I have in front of me the best of civil society. And I want you to know how happy and proud I am that in a few months time, we will open a new Ismaili Centre here in Toronto and a new Museum.......And I hope today that all the people of Toronto will feel that the park that will be around these buildings - is their park.

Aga Khan Hospital accredited as a centre of excellence in acute stroke management

Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi
Capital News Kenya

NAIROBI, Kenya June 4 – Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi (AKUH,N) has been accredited as a Centre of Excellence for the management of Acute Primary Stroke, becoming the first hospital in Africa to achieve this certification.

The accreditation was granted by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the recognized global leader in health quality standards, following a rigorous Clinical Care Program Certification (CCPC) audit conducted in May 2021.

Glossary of Holy Ginan

Publication Type  Book
Year of Publication  1993
Authors  Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz Ali
Edition  1
Short Title  Ginan Glossary
City  Bombay
Publisher  Daredia-Nurdin
Volume  1
Volume and Pages  67
Key Words  Ginans; glossary; translation. Gujarati-English; word-by-word; dictionnary


Publication Type  Book
Year of Publication  2015
Authors  Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz Ali
Editor  Daredia
Short Title  Ismaili Pirs, Vakils and Seyyeds
City  Mumbai
Publisher  Daredia
Volume and Pages  94
Original Language  


Key Words  Pir; Vakil; Seyyed. Syed. Sayyed; Ismaili; Ginan; Dadu; Bawa

Yacht Club Costa Smeralda Sporting Season set to launch 2021-05-25

 Sail World Princess Zahra Aga Khan and YCCS Commodore Riccardo Bonadeo
www.sail-world.com Sail World

The conference to present the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda's sporting calendar and the competitive programme of the Young Azzurra team took place this morning.

For the first time, the traditional YCCS event was held online, with a live stream from the Azzurra Lounge at the Club's Porto Cervo headquarters which, in addition to members, was open to all journalists, guests and supporters wishing to take part. A recording of the event will remain available on the YCCS YouTube channel.

The day Shergar ran away with it and turned Derby into a procession

The Begum Aga Khan with Shergar after his victory in the Irish Sweeps Derby at the Curragh on June 29th, 1981. File photograph:
The Irish Times

Before becoming part of folklore, or reduced to a shabby punchline, Shergar was one of the finest racehorses of the last half-century.

A tragic mystery due to his kidnapping by the IRA in 1983, it can get overlooked how revulsion surrounding such a grotesque act was bound up in the impact the colt made on the wider public consciousness doing what he was bred to do.

Saturday’s (June 5, 2021) 242nd Epsom Derby is the 40th anniversary of Shergar turning racing’s Blue Riband into an unparalleled rout.

Gates Foundation lauds Aga Khan University 2021-05-25

Some of the Ugandan graduates from Aga Khan University School of Nursing and Midwifery. Photo/Courtesy
Daily Monitor Uganda

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has commended Aga Khan University (AKU) for its leadership in transforming public health and improving lives of women and girls globally.

Speaking as the chief guest as the university graduated 667 students from three continents on Saturday, Melinda French Gates, a co-chair and trustee of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, described the university not only as a global resource, but also as a transformative force in public and women’s health, advancing economic development and creating opportunities for women and girls.

100 schools to benefit from Aga Khan project 2021-05-26

Pupils of St Peters Primary School, Katwe, Kampala, attend lessons at the school on March 10, 2020. PHOTO/JAMES KABENGWA.
Daily Monitor Uganda

The Schools2030 project is aimed at empowering schools to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4), aimed at ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education thereby promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. Ms Janat Namatovu, the AKF Schools2030 project coordinator, explained that the project is aimed at supporting teachers through “human centred design thinking” approach.


We must briefly take a look back at history. In pre-Islamic Arabia, women were no more than chattels, sold at the market like cattle. The earliest followers of Islam decided that this situation was unjust. In Islam, men must respect women and women must respect men


At this difficult time, I applaud, with the highest admiration and gratefulness, the selfless services of all my Jamati volunteers, as well as the doctors, nurses, paramedics and support workers in the AKDN and other health facilities and related programmes. Their exemplary courage, commitment and dedication in extending care and comfort to my Jamat and others,


AKU aims to be as relevant for the next global health crisis as it has been for this one. Today, AKU is building its capacity for cutting-edge research applicable to the distinctive health risks for populations in Asia and Africa. It will seek to harness the enormous potential of advances in artificial intelligence, genomic medicine and stem cell science to address tomorrow’s challenges, as well as today’s.

Aga Khan University honours graduates at global convocation 2021-05-22

2000 AKU.jpg

667 students in three continents received their degrees and listened to speeches by the Aga Khan and Melinda Gates

The first-ever global convocation ceremony of the Aga Khan University (AKU) was live-streamed to a worldwide audience on Saturday, as 667 students in three continents received their degrees and listened to speeches by the Aga Khan, Chief Guest Melinda French Gates and AKU President Firoz Rasul.

Aga Khan University honours graduates at global convocation 2021-05-22

Hazar Imam with members of Noorani family at the 2021 AKU Global Convocation    2021-05-22

667 students in three continents received their degrees and listened to speeches by the Aga Khan and Melinda Gates

The first-ever global convocation ceremony of the Aga Khan University (AKU) was live-streamed to a worldwide audience on Saturday, as 667 students in three continents received their degrees and listened to speeches by the Aga Khan, Chief Guest Melinda French Gates and AKU President Firoz Rasul.

The Convocation was attended also by Prince Amyn, Princess Zahra, Prince Rahim, Prince Hussain and Prince Aly Muhammad

Address by His Highness the Aga Khan​ at AKU Global Convocation 2021-05-22

His Highness The Aga Khan IV addressing the 2021 AKU Global Convention held virtually


Our Chief Guest, Melinda French Gates
Chairman Haile Debas and the Members of the Board of Trustees
President Firoz Rasul
Provost, Deans, Faculty and Staff of the University
Generous donors and well wishers of the University from around the world
Distinguished guests
Parents, family members and Graduates​

It is a great privilege to join you today in recognising and celebrating the Class of 2020.

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