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Aleppo Governor Meets Agha Khan - 2004-10-31

www.sana.org/english/headlines/31-10/aleppo_governor_meets_agha_khan.htm www.sana.org/French/Titres/31.10/maire_d'Alep%20-%20rencontre.htm

Aleppo?s Governor Ossama Adi on Sunday conferred with Emir Rahem Agha Khan, Member of the Economic Committee at Agha Khan Foundation for Development, on cooperation areas with Agha Khan Foundation in the fields of tourism, culture and preserving human heritage.During the meeting, Governor Adi talked about the projects being implemented in cooperation with the Foundation in Aleppo?s old city to rehabilitate and enhance it through offering small loans to families, in addition to the works of restoration in Aleppo?s famous Citadel.

Prince Amin Aga Khan arrives in Damascus - 2004-04-28


Prince Amin Aga Khan, brother of His Highness prince Karim Aga Khan the spiritual leader of Ismaili Muslims, has just arrived in Damascus, Syria in a two-day visit to discuss with officials the development programs which the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) is doing in Syria.
He was received at Damascus International Airport by the governor of Damascus Dr M. B. Almufti.

Agha Khan - Aleppo Mufti - 2004-02-16


The Ismaelite Moslems Spiritual Leader, Prince Karim Agha Khan received here on Monday Aleppo Mufti, Sheikh Ahmad Hassoun. Talks during the meeting dealt with the importance of unity of the Islamic work and with strengthening relations of cooperation with Agha Khan foundation in all fields. The Prince stressed his foundation readiness to widen the base of cooperation with cultural, intellectual and healthy establishments in Syria. Ghossoun /
Al-Abrash/ Meeting
Damascus, Feb. 16 (SANA)

Agha Khan Departure - 2004-02-16


The Spiritual Leader of the Ismaelite Muslims Emir Kareem Agha Khan left Damascus after a three-day visit to Syria.He was seen off at Damascus International Airport by Health Minister Mohammed Iyad al-Shatti and Representative of the Agha Khan network for Development in Syria Mohammed Saifo.

ALEPPO, Syria- Prince Kareem Agha Khan Visit - THE AGA KHAN'S HISTORIC SYRIA VISIT - 2001-11-07

The Spiritual Leader of the world's Ismaili Muslims, Prince Kareem Agha Khan visited today the archaeological Aleppo castle and Qensrin archaeological door.
The Prince toured in the castle and listened to an elaborated explanation about history of the castle, the historical events which the castle passed through and restoration of the castle.

In a statement to SANA correspondent, the Prince asserted that selection of Aleppo for distributing the price of Agha Khan for the Islamic building is for its distinguished historical position.

<b>November 3, 2001</b>: DAMASCUS, Syria - Mohammad Moustapha Miro / Agha Khan - THE AGA KHAN'S HISTORIC SYRIA VISIT - 2001-11-04

M.Mohammad Moustapha Miro, président du Conseil des ministres, a reçu aujourd'hui l'Emir Karim Agha Khan, guide spirituel des Musulmans ismaélites, et la délégation qui l'accompagne.
L'entretien a porté sur les moyens de consolider la coopération entre les institutions gouvernementales syriennes et l'institution Agha Khan pour l'exécution dans le pays des projets de développement et d'investissement dans les domaines culturel, sanitaire, d'enseignement et de développement rural.



President Bashar al-Assad received at al-Shaab Palace on Sunday Prince Karim Agha Khan, the Ismaelite Moslems Spiritual Leader.
Talks during the meeting dealt with stages of the projects which Agha Khan foundation implements in Syria and with the future developmental projects the Agha Khan network for developments intends to implement in Syria.

Ghossoun /

Agha Khan-Meetings

Damascus 15-02 (SANA)-

His Highness Prince Karim Agha Khan, the spiritual leader of the Ismaelite Moslems, received the Minister of Education Dr. Ali Saad in his residence on Sunday evening.



The Aga Khan Development Network will soon establish an Aids resource centre in East Africa.
The centre will assist staff members and communities in health, education and commercial sectors in addressing the Aids pandemic, the Aga Khan Foundation (East Africa) regional chief executive officer, Mr Arif Necky, said yesterday.

Speaking in Nairobi, Mr Necky said the network would involve rural communities, especially in the Coast Province, schools, staff and their families in the programme.

<b>November 3, 2001</b>: DAMASCUS, Syria - President Assad / Meeting - THE AGA KHAN'S HISTORIC SYRIA VISIT - 2001-11-04

M.Abdo / G.A.Hassoun

President Bashar Assad received here Saturday Ismaelite Moslems Spiritual Leader, Prince Karim Agha Khan. Talks during the meeting dealt with the situation in the Middle Asia and with efforts that the Islamic states have to exert as to distinguish the Islam from the extremist aspects which were attributed to it. The Prince briefed President Assad on the projects which Agha Khan foundation intends to implement in Syria. Agha Khan viewed that Syria is an example to the joint living between all religions.


Vice President Abdel Hallim Khaddam received here Sunday Ismaelite Moslems spiritual leader, Prince Kareem Agha Khan. Talks dealt with the importance of studying culture and the Islamic legacy and with boosting coopeartion between peoples of the Islamic World.Also, the Republic's Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Keftaro received the Prince Agha Khan.
Talks during the meeting dealt with the current international situation and tolerance of the Islam religion and Islam call for intimacy and peace between peoples of the world. They asserted that Islam is religion of the high values, fraternity and intimacy.

<b>Novemeber 3, 2001</b>: DAMASCUS, Syria - Le pr&eacute;sident al-Assad re&#231;oit Agha Khan - THE AGA KHAN'S HISTORIC SYRIA VISIT - 2001-11-04

Le président Bachar al-Assad a reçu aujourd'hui l'Emir Karim Agha Khan, guide spirituel des musulmans ismaélites dans le monde, avec qui il a examiné la situation en Asie centrale et les efforts à déployer par les pays islamiques pour réfuter les accusations de terrorisme, lancées contre l'Islam.
L'entretien a porté également sur les projets que l'institution d'Agha Khan entend exécuter en Syrie.

<b>November 2, 2001</b>: DAMASCUS, Syria - Karim Agha Khan arrives today in Damascus - THE AGA KHAN'S HISTORIC SYRIA VISIT - 2001-11-04

Prince Karim Agha Khan, the spiritual leader of the Ismaelit Muslim sect arrives today in Damascus in a visit to Syria during which he will hold talks with several Syrian officials relating to future developmental projects currently carried out by al-Agha Khan network in Syria.
During his visit al-Agha Khan will distribute al-Agha Khan awards for architecture and this will be in a large celebration to be held under the patronage of the Syrian President Bashar al- Assad at the Aleppo ancient castle. The ceremony will be attended by huge number of Syrian officials, expertise and intellectuals.

<b>November 2, 2001</b>: DAMASCUS, Syria- Khaddam re&#231;oit l'&eacute;mir Karim Agha Khan - THE AGA KHAN'S HISTORIC SYRIA VISIT - 2001-11-07

M.Abdel Halim Khaddam, vice-président de la République, a reçu ce soir l'émir Karim Agha Khan, guide spirituel des musulmans ismaïlites dans le monde.L'entretien a porté sur l'importance de l'étude de la culture et du patrimoine islamiques, ainsi que sur le renforcement de la coopération entre les peuples du monde islamique.
L'Emir Agha Khan avait rencontré aujourd'hui le mufti de la République cheikh Ahmad Kiftaro et visité la Mosquée des Omayyades.

Teshreen - AGA KHAN IN DAMASCUS - 2004-02-15

www.teshreen.com/daily/_default.asp?FileName 040214170455

His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan, Imam (spiritual leader) of Shia Ismaili Muslims arrived in Damascus yesterday to start an official visit to Syria.
The Aga Khan will hold talks during his visit to Syria with the higher officials in the country. He will also review the current and future programs that the Aga Khan Development Network is doing in Syria. Talks will mainly focus on the initiatives that the AKDN has launched in Syria since the signing of the cooperation protocol between the government of the Syrian Arab Republic and the Aga Khan Development Network 15 months ago.

Syria development projects atop Aga Khan's agenda

The Aga Khan yesterday concluded a three-day official visit to Syria during which he had meetings with President Bashar al-Assad and a series of discussions with Ministers on key development priorities for the country.The Aga Khan's discussions with President Al-Assad touched on a range of issues but focused on specific areas in which institutions of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) could expand its activities.'Our very fruitful discussions, ' said the Aga Khan, 'will now enable us to concentrate resources where the AKDN's experience can address priority needs identified in co-operation

Interview of H.H. The Aga Khan-2001-11-08


LBC: Good evening your Highness, we are honoured that you are giving us an interview for the (LBC) channel. Well, we came to Aleppo because you are here, for a Syrian visit. But of course, there is an occasion; there was the ceremony of the Award for Architecture. You said in your speech, which I personally liked very much on many points, we'll talk about it later, you said in your speech that you consider the Aleppo citadel, and I am not sure I am translating accurately what you said, that you consider it as a personal quest to take place in history and in the heritage.

AK: Yes….

The Aga Khan and LBC-2001-11-08


LBC: Bonsoir Votre Altesse, nous sommes honorés que vous nous donniez un entretien pour la chaîne. Bon, nous sommes venus à Alep parce que vous êtes là, pour un séjour syrien. Mais bien sûr qu'il y a une occasion, il y avait la cérémonie de la remise du prix de l'architecture.

Interview with His Highness the Aga Khan-2001-10-31


Interview with His Highness the Aga Khan

by Robert Ivy, FAIA Editor in Chief, Architectural Record
(Aiglemont, August 31, 2001)

Robert Ivy: As Imam of the Shia Ismaili Muslims, you lead a religious community that is an important branch of Islam and that resides on four continents. You have personally expressed an affinity for Islamic architecture. How have Muslim traditions and Islamic teaching affected your appreciation for architecture? Which great works of architecture have had special meaning for you?

Exerpts from Speech by Aga Khan, exhibition of Thomas Herzog's work, new architectural Web sites-2002-01-02

The Architectural Review

Speaking in Syria, the Aga Khan called for new links between technology and Islam.

'Syria has demonstrated the power of Islam as a crucible for the spirit and the intellect, transcending boundaries of geography and culture. The Aga Khan celebrated a quarter century of his Awards for Architecture (AR November) at the Citadel in Aleppo late last year.

Aga Khan Meets President Assad and Cabinet Ministers-2001-11-03


His Excellency President Bashar Al Assad this morning held discussions with His Highness the Aga Khan, Imam (spiritual leader) of the Shia Ismaili Muslims at the People's Palace.

The Aga Khan and members of his delegation also met with Prime Minister Muhammad Mustafa Miro, Deputy Prime Minister for Social Services, Dr. Naji Otri, and the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Dr. Khaled Ra'ad.

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