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Moman Tchetamni - Selected verses for Mayat

Publication Type  Transcription
Year of Publication  2008
Heritage Standard  
Authors  Anonymous

7 verses


Selected verses to give courage when a loved one passes...


Paradise, the abode of the righteous in the hereafter, is called in the Koran, al-janna, meaning the garden. It occurs under this name over hundred times. In addition to this figure, the Koran uses the same word janna in the sense of an earthy garden for 26 times and six times for the original garden in which Adam and Eve lived before the fall.

Saami tamaara Pandav juve chhe vaat


Saami taamaaraa Paanddhav juve chhe vaatt,
ghodde chadde sri Naklanki naath 1

Dul dul ghodde apnnu saamiji chaddse,
daint-naa haiddaa maan dharaasko paddse 2

Maataa Kuntaa jine saamie didho chhe kol,
chaddone maajati have potaa chhe kol 3

Chaddeaa maataaji aasmaan sun khele,
daint-naa Ragat dev na mele 4

Chaddeaa maataaji aasmaan maan jaay,
daint-naa ragat maae devi naahoy 5

Em re kartaa sen sannagaare shaay,
daint male tiyaan jagaddo manddaay 6

Chosatth laakh deviu malse,

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