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Daint kaalingo

Jis din meddo saami raajo aavshe


Eji Jis din mede saami raajo aavse
mede bhaai;
jive aashaa tis din kon nisaaniaa 1

Eji Jaage jaage tanbal vaaje mede bhaaive;
jive aasha bher vaaje Shaah jini 2

Eji Paacham disaathi sahi chaddenge
mede bhaaive;
jive aashaa kattak chadde farmaani 3

Eji Savaa savaa gaj dharti lid chaddesse
mede bhaaive;
jive aashaa dhilike medhaan 4

Eji Daint kaalingo dhili besengo
mede bhaaive;
jive aashaa Shaah bese mulastaan 5

Eji Puddie puddie an vechaaese
mede bhaaive;
jive aashaa tol bhikaave paanni 6

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