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Aga Khan’s foundation gives €100,000 towards post-fire reforestation

His Highness the Aga Khan meets Deputy Prime Minister of Portugal Paulo Portas in Lisbon   2015-06-03

With news of how the country means to recover the devastation of last summer’s forest fires updating by the day, one of the latest highlights is a donation of €100,000 for reforestation efforts from the Aga Khan’s Ismaili community, based in Lisbon.

The offer was announced yesterday (Thursday), with the money going towards reforesting Leiria’s ‘mata nacional’ - one of the areas worst hit by the fires that are now thought to have killed as many as 50 people in October (see below).

Ismailis in Muslim World -

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Expedition to Khorassan

(Following is a brief provisional report of the Expedition to Khorassan in 1967 by Mr. Peter Willey regarding the Ismaili Forts and throwing light upon the Nizari Ismailis - their movements and achievements)


(a) General Background:

My First Meeting With the Ismailis in Persia

I came in touch with the Ismailis for the first time in Persia, in February 1912. The world was quite different then. No one imagined that the Great World War I, with all its misery and suffering, was just round the corner. Persia was still living in her ancestral mediaeval style, and her affairs were largely going on in their traditional ways, as they were going on for centuries.

Ismailis in Russia

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Authors  Ivanow, Prof. W.
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