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A Comparison of the Refugee Resettlement of Ugandan Ismaili Muslims and Cambodian Theravada Buddhists in Canada

Publication Type  Article
Year of Publication  2010
Date Published  2010
Authors  Cummins, Alyshea
Original Publication  Wilfrid Laurier University
Publisher  Wilfrid Laurier University; International Migration Research Centre; The Canadian Immigration Historical Centre
Key Words  Ontario; Canada; Refugees; Settlement; Comparision; Ugandian; Ismaili; Muslims; Cambodian; Theravada; Buddhists


Jamatkhana is a wonderful place

It also keeps a smile on your face!

And this smile is so wide-from ear to ear,

It makes all unhappiness disappear!

And those tasbihs that look so new,

When you use them you shine too!

To me Jamatkhana is a time of joy,

For man, woman, girl and boy!

But sometimes I wonder why people are bad,

Because it only makes dear Mowlabapa sad!

But when people are good and they pray,

It makes me want to say:

From North to South,

and East and West,

JAMATKHANA is the best!

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