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Speech at the Foundation Ceremony of Dhaka Jamat Khana

Hazar Imam is joined by Bangladesh’s Honourable Adviser for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed, in unveiling the plaque marking


Honourable Adviser for Foreign Affairs
Honourable Adviser for Religious Affairs
Your Excellencies
Distinguished Guests


It is a special pleasure to welcome this distinguished and diverse audience to this Foundation Ceremony, as we formally mark the beginning of a new Jamatkhana in Dhaka.

Speech by H.H. The Aga Khan upon receiving the Key to the city of Dacca 1970-11-20


Mr Chairman, Your Excellencies, Commissioners of the Corporation, Ladies and Gentlemen. I am proud indeed to be your guest today and to be the honoured recipient of the key to the city of Dacca. Since I last visited Dacca nearly eight years ago, your city has visibly grown in stature, in beauty and in cleanliness. I congratulate the Municipal Authorities for the work they are doing and I would like to express my particular thanks to them and to the Police for making it possible to travel so easily to the outskirts of the city and through the busiest streets.

Speech at Dacca Luncheon about the Jute Mill Industry in East Pakistan

Ismaili mirror. 1970- Special Edition.

May I thank you first for the honour you have done Me in inviting My wife and Myself to this luncheon and asking Me to speak on a subject which is of great concern to us all. I must say, after such a plentiful luncheon, it is somewhat an arduous task but we are all used to it in the Jute Industry. I am particularly grateful for the generous references you have made to the work of My father and My grandfather for the cause of Pakistan.

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