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Today in History

1937-11-25 - 1937-12-30Aga Khan III Event - 1937-11-25

November 1937 - Sir Sultan Mohamed Shah, Aga Khan III visited the Jamats of Mumbai, India various times between November 25th and December 30th.

1957-11-25Event - 1957-11-25

Gave speech on 'Harvard University and Studies of Middle East' at the Dar-es-Salaam Cultural Society.

1963-11-25Event - 1963-11-25

Returned to Karachi from Philipines and left for Europe.

1964-11-25Event - 1964-11-25

Was Chief Guest at Anjuman-e-Himayate-e-Islam function at Lahore.

1966-11-25Event - 1966-11-25

Mowlana Hazar Imam called Third Conference of the Presidents of the World Ismailia Associations at Nairobi.

1967-11-25Event - 1967-11-25

Attended grand civic reception at Kamala Nehru Park, Bombay.

1977-11-25Event - 1977-11-25

Mowlana Hazar Imam sent a Talika to Ismailis around the world to announce the inauguration of Institute of Ismaili Studies, London.

1981-11-25Event - 1981-11-25

Hazar Imam was Chief Guest at the 5th All-Pakistan Ophthamological Congress.

1982-11-25Event - 1982-11-25

Hazar Imam and the Minister of Natural Resources, the Rt. Hon. Ali Mwinyi unveiled the plaque marking the extension of the Aga Khan Hospital, Dar-es-Salaam.

1982-11-25Event - 1982-11-25-A

Hazar Imam gave a speech at a luncheon hosted by the Aga Khan Social and Development Institutions, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

1986-11-25Event - 1986-11-25

In Rabat, King Hassan II of Morocco conferred the honour of 'Le Grand Cordon de l'Ordre du Trone Cherifien' (Quissam Al-Arch) the highest Moroccan title. (See bellow - photo section)

1986-11-25Event - 1986-11-25

Hazar Imam was guest at a dinner hosted by King Hassan of Morocco at the Royal Palace in Rabat. Other dignitaries included Prince Abdelaziz of Saudi Arabia. (Below - photo section)

1995-11-25Event - 1995-11-25

Aga Khan Award for Architecture held in Solo, Indonesia. As State Guests, Hazar Imam and Princess Zahra had been received by President Suharto at the Merdeka Palace in Jakarta where they witnessed the official signing by the President of the commemorative postage stamps issued by Indonesia on the occasion of the award ceremony. Twelve winners of the 1995 Aga Khan Award for Architecture were announced. 'The architectural and social problems facing Muslim societies require a sharper critique than they have received in the past,' the Master Jury declared.

2002-11-25UPE DEPENDS ON TEACHING SKILLS - 2002-11-25

Kampala, Uganda. Learning never ends. Those Universal Primary Education (UPE) teachers who thought they had reached that stage where nobody will ever instruct them in class again must now be cursing their days. According to Dr. Stephen Anderson, UPE's destiny depends on the teachers' ability to acquire new skills. The academic who is an education consultant with the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) says the teachers need to continue learning and improving.

2004-11-25AGA KHAN MEETS NATWAR SINGH</I> - 2004-11-25

The spiritual leader of the Shia Ismaili Muslims, His Highness The Aga Khan, today called on External Affairs Minister Natwar Singh in the Capital.


His Highness The Aga Khan today met the Union Minister of Culture, Shri Jaipal Reddy. They discussed the efforts of the Aga Khan Foundation in restoring the historical monuments in India and elsewhere.

2004-11-25AGA KHAN CALLS ON KALAM, NATWAR</I> - 2004-11-25

Spiritual leader of the Shia Ismaili Muslims, the Aga Khan, today met President A P J Abdul Kalam and discussed his educational projects in India...The Aga Khan informed the President that he proposed to set up centres of excellence in 20 countries.

2004-11-25RECLAMING LOST MUSICAL LEGACY</I> - 2004-11-25

Probably the finest rubab player of his generation from Afghanistan, Homayun has finally been able to find a little bit of 'home'' with the help of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture's Music Initiative in Central Asia.

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