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"The word hanif (pl. hunafa) is derived from hanf, meaning an inclination in the forepart of the foot or inversion of the foot. A person having this distortion of the foot is called ahnaf. The singular word hanif occurs 10 times in the Koran (2:135, 3:67, 95; 4:125, 6:79, 161; 10:105, 16:120,123, 30:30), and the plural hunafa two times (22:31, 98:5). It occurs once as a synonym of muslim (3:67) and also in juxtaposition with the verb aslama (4:125).

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    Quoted from our 48th Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah:

    "My dear Hoodbhoy,

    In reply to your letter of 8thOctober, 1954, the colours of our flag
    are, as you know, red and green, the reason being that we represent
    both the Shah and the Pir. The Shah was Imam Hussain and the Pir was
    Imam Hasan. Imam Hasan had the Pir's colour of green, but Imam
    Hussain's martyrdom was so enormous in events and was so opposed to
    even the smallest laws of war that the colour of his holy blood namely
    red, was accepted with the green of the Holy Prophet's flag, as a

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