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ejee pahelee preet aapanno saahebjeesu(n) keejeeye,
evo amulakh ratan sa(n)bhaareene leejeeye.........................1
The First Jewel: Above all you must love your Master. You must treasure this precious jewel with great care.
ejee beejo ratan to guru geenaan reedaamaa(n)he jaanneeye,
	bhaaee aapannaa shaah peernaa darshan saachaa sahee peechhaanneeye   										...........2
The Second Jewel: You should know the knowledge and wisdom of the Guru by heart. Brother, realise as the truth, the Vision of the Lord of the Time and the Pir.
ejee treejo ratan to tatva dharam naa chhe bahu veechaar,
jenne muneevare jaanneeyaa ane paalleeyaa sat dharamnaa aachaar...3
The Third Jewel is deep reflection upon the inner mysteries of religion. This is attained by true believers who know their religion, and act according to it's rules.
ejee chotho ratan to namataa khamataa dayaa 
                              mayaa jo reedaamaa(n)he jaanne,
to aapannaa shaapeerne sahee seedhak durast peechhaanne...........4
The Fourth Jewel is attained by the one who has realised the virtues of humility, patience, mercy and pity in his heart. As a result he recognises the Master and the Guide in a true and real manner.
ejee paa(n)chmo ratan to guru abheeyaagat aaveeyaa tenee
                                        sevaa keeje,
tene chhe sahee vadhaayu(n) jo teno man sa(n)tosheene leeje.......5
The Fifth Jewel is to serve the Guide, or the stranger(guest) who comes to your door. Blessings are due to him who serves both well.
ejee chhattho ratan to het preete maat peetaanee sevaa keeje,
bhaaee evo amulakh ratan to reedaamaa(n)he dhareeye...............6
The Sixth Jewel is to serve one's father and mother affectionately and lovingly. Keep this precious jewel in your heart.

ejee saatmo ratan to je vaare aaveeyaa abheeyaagat ghar aa(n)ganne
                                   kare vaachaa saar,
bhaaee muman tenee vaachaa sunneene tene tthaalo ma vaall.........7
The Seventh Jewel is not to turn away any stranger who comes to your door in need. O believers, do not let him go away without his need being satisfied.
ejee aatthmo ratan to gareeb dukheeyo saa(m)bhalleeye to te paase                                          vege vahelaa doddee jaeeye,
tene preetsethee an paannee aapeene sa(n)tosheeye to sahee                                                 amaraapuree jaaee-e.......8
The Eighth Jewel is to go to the rescue of anyone in distress and calamity, as soon as you hear the call, helping him with food or water, or whatever he needs. In reward for this you will surely enter Paradise.
ejee navmo ratan to neeyat paak raakho aapannaa allaah mahamad upar                                                      moman bhaaee,
seedhak eemaan durast raakho to tame hakakee neeyaamat paaee......9
The Ninth Jewel is to have pure intent and strong faith in God and Muhammed, brother believer. By doing so you will receive true happiness(or blessings).
ejee dashmo ratan to trann vakhat duaa ma chukore moman bhaaee,
to aapanne saahebjee-e kharee dasho(n)d sahee farmaaee...........10
The Tenth Jewel is never to neglect any of the observances of the three fixed times of the day, o brother. Prayers are like tithes ordered by your Master. ejee ageeyaarmo ratan to aashaa allaahjeenee keejee-e, vachan veechaareene boleeye shaahsu sat maa(n)geeye, mamataa chhe dozakhnee khaaee; shaah paase saaru maa(n)geeye....................................11 The Eleventh Jewel is to have reliance and hope in God; always speak prudently; always pray to the Lord to grant truthfulness; never annoy anyone by words. Note that the ties of the world are as entangling as a pit in Hell. Ask the Lord of the time to grant your good wish.
ejee baarmo ratan to baallak rup to bhrahamano chhe aay
tene dukh ma dejore muneevar bhaaee;
keeddee makoddee jaar charaklee pashu maatra te upar rees na keeje  jeevtaa maratak hoeeye;
jem deepak upar pata(n)g zapalaaeeye.............................12

The twelveth Jewel, o believer brother is never to annoy a child who is a smile of Divinity; you should not be angry at ants, or water insects, or any aquatic animals or quadrupeds. You should live as a dead man as a moth upon a burning candle(ever ready to die).
ejee termo ratan to jenne hak saachakaa maarag paayaa,
ane aapnne jeev kaaranne aapannaa pee(n)dd jalaayaa;
jem raajaa hareech(n)ddhr taaraaraannee lochan ku(n)var roheedaas,
sat kaaranne aap vechaayaa.......................................13
The Thirteenth Jewel is considered to be possessed by the one who has attained the True Path and for the sake of his own soul mortifies his body. This is in the manner of Harishchanddhra, his wife Queen Taaraa raanni-Lochni, and his son Rohidas, who sold themselves(as slaves) for the sake of truth.
ejee chaudmo ratan to chet chet muneevar, 
jenne aapanne haathe kareene allaahne naame sat sa(n)toke apaayaa;
te to aage bahot falashe abadhaa abadh maannashe,
esaa chaud ratan to zaaher kareene katheene peer shamsh sunnaayaa
The Fourteenth Jewel, o believer, be aware or be advised is possessed by the one who gives away everything for the sake of God, spontaneously and with good will. This person will attain the fruits and will enjoy them in an abundant manner in future. Such jewels have been made manifest and have been declared by Peer Shamsh.


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