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eji dur desh thee aayo vann jaaro
    shaah mil sodaa keejee ejee...................................1

eji e - "o", a particle of addressing, summoning, remembering.
ji - a term signifying obedience and respect, a suffix used at the end of the name of elders or
respectable persons, just as Sir and Mr. are placed at the beginning of a name.

dur - distant, remove, far away or off.
desh - country, mother-land.
thee - from
aayo - has come
vannjaaro - a trader moving from place to place with merchandise loaded on oxen or boat.
shaah - Lord, Master, a Persian term for emperor or king.
mil - to meet, to mix or mingle with, to come together, to unite with, to be harmonised or
accorded, to find, to agree with.
sodaa - a commercial bargain or venture.
keejee-e - conduct, perform, execute.

O momin! you are a trader who has come from a distant country(unbounded by space and time). Perform (only) the bargain which will yield the meeting with the Lord(perform acts that will lead you towards unity with the ultimate reality- your origin).

eji sute betthe bhaai raah chala(n)te jee
    naam saaheb jee ko leejee-e jee...............................2

sute - while sleeping or lying down; in a reclining position
betthe - while seated; in-active; peaceful; tranquil
bhaai - brothers
raah - road; path; a way
chalante - moving forward; to be in motion, to be active
naam - name; memory; remembrance.
saaheb jee - the Lord
ko - of the
leejee-e - to recite; to receive; to accept; to hold; to catch.

O momin! while sleeping or seated brother, or moving along a way, recite(remember) the name of the Lord.

eji jo ghar hove bhaai vast peeyaaree jee
    so naam saaheb jee ko deejee ejee.............................3

jo - what ever; anything; provided; if
ghar - in the house or abode or dwelling; home; family; household;
house-hold-life; worldly life; ancestry; lineage.
hove - to have; to be; to take place; to occur; to happen; to come into existence.
bhaai - brothers
vast - things; substance; any kind of matter.
peeyaaree - dear to the heart; favourite; beloved.
so - that (particular one)
naam - in the name of; in the memory of; in the remembrance of
saaheb jee - Lord, Master.
ko - to; of; for.
deejee-e - give; sacrifice; submit; present; entrust.

O momin! whatever you have that is dear to your heart, submit it in the name of the Lord.

eji ek kann naam saaheb jee ko deeje jee
    to palatra savaa laakh leejee ejee............................4

ek - one; single; individual.
kann - a single grain of corn; a granular thing; a very small bit or fragment.
palatra - in the hereafter, in the other world.
savaa - one and a quarter
laakh - one hundred thousand (100,000).

O momin! if you give(offer) one bit in the name of the Lord, you will receive in return one hundred and twenty five thousand times in the hereafter or later.

eji a(n)dhle ku(n) cha(n)dar yaaraa najar na aave jee
    kahennaa sohee na pati jee-e jee..............................5

a(n)dhle - blind; one who has never seen light; one who is in darkness
ku(n) - to the, for the
cha(n)dar - the moon
yaaraa - friends; affectionate.
najar - sight; vision; perception by eyes.
kahennaa - verbal statements or explanations.
sohee - that person; such a person.
patijee-e - is convinced; (to find; understand; perceive; imagine).

O momin! to the blind ones(faithless), the moon(the Imaam) is not visible. To such persons, no matter how much is explained, will not be convinced about this truth.

eji deetthddaa dosh bhaai keesee ku(n) na deeje jee
    to ann deetthaa kee-u kar deejee-e jee........................6

deetthddaa - seen with eyes; witnessed
dosh - fault; error; drawback; mistake; crime; plot; stigma;
blemish; sin.
kisi - anyone; no-one.
ann deetthaa - unseen; unwitnessed.
kiyu kar - why, for what reason.

O momin, never attribute faults and mistakes seen by your eyes, to anyone. Then how can you blame someone for an unwitnessed error.

eji par ni(n)daa bhaai jagat khuaaree jee
    seer paa(n)u narge paddee-e jee...............................7

par - other's; unacquainted.
nindaa - a)slander - spiteful rumour, to speak untruth about others spitefully
b)censure - to blame; reprove.
c)to abuse person - ill-treat; insult; misuse; violate.
jagat - the world; the creation; the universe; society; public opinion; mankind; moving; movable;
khuaaree - causing ruin, misery, affliction, distress, harm, injury.
seer - head ! seer pao: A full dress bestowed upon a person (in ! olden times)
as a mark of appreciation ! or reward.
paa(n)u - leg !
narage - to hell or to a place of torment.
paddeejee-e - to fall; to drop into; to abade; to be absorbed into; to degenerate into.

O momin! slandering others causes the ruin of the universe and from head to feet the person degenerates to hell.

eji maannek laine vannjaaro aayo jee
    to maannek tees chunnee leejee -e jee.........................8

maannek - a ruby; a red diamond or precious stone.
chunnee - to pick, select as birds search for food with their beaks.

O momin! the trader(the Guide) has arrived with precious stones( Divine knowledge and wisdom). Select the precious stones only from Him.

eji maannek chhoddee je ka(n)ch vann jann
    teen saann vann-j na keejee ejee..............................9

ka(n)ch - glass
saann - with; along with.

O momin! do not bargain with those who abandon the precious stones and trade in glass instead.

eji jees hattee me bhaai vakhar thoddaa
    teen saann vannaj nakeejee ejee..............................10  

hattee - shop; market.
vakhar - stock for trade; merchandise; goods.
thoddaa - scanty; not enough; less than required.

O brother, the shop in which there are very few (worthy) goods to trade with, do not conduct your trade therein(do not visit the places where nothing worthwhile is attained).

eji aachhee aachhee karannee kamaavo mere bhaai
   to agan na baalle, pavan na ddole, paannee na bolle, raajaa bee      
   da(n)dd na deejee ejee.......................................11

aachhee aachhee - purified; cleansed.
karannee - behaviour; action; deeds collectively.
kamaavo - earn; gain; profit.
agan - fire; heat; burning pain.
baalle - burn
pavan - wind; moving air; anger; pride; whim
ddole - rock; swing; oscillate; cause to become unstable; to give way; to betray a vow,
cause or promise.
paannee - water; liquid; flood; hurricane.
bolle - dip; soak; stain; ruin; pollute; drown.
raajaa - king; ruler; government.
da(n)dd - a big stick; a staff; punishment; fine.

O my brother! earn pure and clean deeds, then fire(of lust, passion, anger, anxiety) will not burn you, the wind(of pride, doubt, greed) will not shake you, the floods(vissitudes and vagaries of time) will not drown you, and the King will not punish you.

eji kholee bha(n)dhaar maaro swaamee raajo betthaa
    u(n)ch neech kaa shabda sunneejee ejee.......................12

kholee - opened
bha(n)dhaar - store-house; a treasure house; hoarded things or wealth.
u(n)ch - superior; noble; of a higher status; better
nich - inferior; wicked; mean; base.
sunneejee -e - hear; listen to;

O momin! the Lord having opened the treasure house is seated. Listen to Him about matters which you regard as inferior or superior.

eji lai taraaju maaro saamee raajo betthaa
    laavo to mul karee jee e jee.................................13

taraaju - a balance made up of two scales; scales for weighing
mul - price; worth; value.
kareejee-e - set or give, give an estimate for an exchange value of commodity.

O momin! my Lord is seated with the balance. Then bring your (deeds) to him for evaluation.

eji e geenaan mahaaras peer gofte hasanshaah
    swaamee raajo seedak pateejee -e jee........................14

mahaaras: mahaa - great
ras - one of the six qualities (tastes) such as sweet, saline etc of eatables; taste; sweetness;
one of the nine poetic sentiments; delight; affection.
gofte - scatters(like pearls) from his mouth, just as a sling; just as a stone or a ball is thrown with
a sling, the Peer scatters his words.
seedak - with straight-forward or honest dealings; with honesty.
pateejee -e - to have trust; to be convinced; to credit.

conduct, perform, execute.

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