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[The theme of this geenaan is the illusory nature of this world]

eji paratak alennee faa(n)s maa(n)ddee, teeyaa pa(n)kheeddaa besavaane jaay;
ek potaane se(n)so padayo, beejaane bhaare tteegaay re;
muktaa to fall tyaare laie, jyaare guru keeje neervaann re;
deheenaa paa(n)jar to falle, jo satgurnee maano aann;
bharam to bhaa(n)ge feraa to ttalle, jo jai puchho satgurnaa geenaan..1
alennee - creditless, worthless, without any relationship
faa(n)s maa(n)ddee - the net has been spread
pa(n)kheeddaa - birds
se(n)so (sa(n)shay) - doubt, suspicion
beejaane bhaare - in the fascination or charm of others
tteengaay - become trapped
muktaa fall - the path(destiny) of salvation
neervaann - have conviction upon
paa(n)jar - cage
maano aann - carry out the orders,commands of
bharam - ignorance
jai puchho - seek , conduct research

The worthless net(of this illusory existence) has been manifestly spread, thereupon the birds(mankind) go and sit; Every one of them has fallen into self doubt and confusion, and has been trapped by the charm and fascination of others; One can only obtain the path of salvation, if he/she has complete faith and conviction in the True Guide; The bodily cage will only bear fruit or succeed, if one follows the commands of the True Guide; Ignorance is only broken(erased), the cycles of rebirth can only be destroyed, if one goes and seeks the guidance of the True Guide..1

eji ek vaa(n)j suteene svapanu(n) laadhyu, svapanaa maa parchheyu baall re;
tene jaachak jotak atee ghannaa, naattak joganneeu gunn maay re;
tene ka(n)ku kes chhapaa devaraave, ane maalann laave haar re;
ettale svapanaatar vahee gayu, kenu ramaaddyu baall..2
vaa(n)j - barren(infertile) woman
parchheyu - gave birth
jaachak - beggers and the ones who come to seek and ask for
jotak - light, rites performed at; fortune tellers
joganneeu - abundant
gunn - merit, pure, good
ka(n)ku - vermilion, bright red colour or pigment
kes - hair
maalann - female gardner
svapanaatar - effects of the dream

One barren woman had a dream, in the dream she gave birth to a child; Many fortune seekers and tellers came besides her, and the drama was filled with abundance of merit and goodness; Her hair was decorated with red colour, and the female gardner brought the garland of flowers; The effects of this dream disappeared, whose child did she play with?

eji ek raa(n)k suto ne sapanu ladhyu, svapanaamaa(n) paamyo raaj re;
hasti dhoddaa(ghoddaa?) ati ghannaa, ne paalkhee potaane kaaje re;
tene chaar kore chamar ddhallaay, praannee pote kare te thaay re;
ettle svapanu tar vahee gayu, se(n)so paddyo man maa(n)he re..3
raa(n)k - poor, destitute
hasti - elephant
paalkhee - palanquin, litter, portable couch

One destitute fell asleep and had a dream, and in the dream he attained a worldly kingdom; In it there were abundant elephants and horses, and palanquins were at his disposal; And the place was decorated everywhere, and whatever he commanded happened; The effects of this dream subsided and the mind was again in confusion and disarray....3

eji ek dhoreene kaa(n)dhe dhosaru, jaanne jaavu te koik gaam re;
tenaa paattaa chhuttyaa dashtinaa, jyaa jove tyaa tthaamo tthaam..4
dhoree - bullock, castrated bull
kaa(n)dhe - shoulder
dho(n)saru - a wooden stick placed on the shoulder of an ox
paattaa chhuttyaa - bandages were removed

A wooden stick was placed on the shoulder of the castrated bull, as if it were going to another town; But when the bandages were removed from the eyes, it realised that it was there and there only;

eji ek van kero mugalo, tarasyo na paame neer re;
tene aa(n)khe aave jaa(n)javaa, saamaa te varase neer re;
mugalo - deer, impala
jaa(n)javaa - mirage

There was a deer of the jungle, inspite of being thirsty it would not get water; In front of it's eye was a mirage, and it gave a false illusion of the presence of water;

eji ma(n)chhaa sarovar vaa(n)k mottee, jaanne te aavse pur re;
addvaanne page daajnnaa, ne maathe te aavyo sur re...6
ma(n)chhaa - desires of the mind
vaa(n)k - curvature; fault
pur - flood; complete
addvaanne - bare footed
daajnnaa - getting burnt by the feet

The ocean of worldly desires has a big fault, realise that there will be a flood of it; the bare footed will be burnt at their feet, and on the head will befall the heat of the sun;

[This alludes to the calamities that will befall those who are excessively involved in worldly matters.]

eji bhagavaa(n) te pahere su(n)thayu, jenaa man maa(n)he mottee ho(n)sh;
jaanne te ma(n)dir maalsu, pann pesavaa laagyo au(n)ttha re...7
Of what avail is to wear the outer garment of renunciation, if the mind is preoccupied by great desires; like those of possessing very big and opulent living houses, but eventually ending up with the ones built by the aasistance of three and a half hands(graves);
eji paa(n)chnaa pachees lakshann, sahastra rup pachaas re;
satgur peer sadardeen em bhanne, maaraa svaameesu raakho het re;
lakshann - merits,

There are twenty five merits for the five essences(sense perceptions) of the body, and thousand merits fivty times(in eternity, other lives ); [A figurative expression of infinite mercies and benefits of the Lord over many incarnations or manifestations.] Peer Sadardeen thus explains, keep love for my Lord(which is the most important of all merits)....8

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