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ejee shaamku aava(n)taa jo kahe - taaku(n) laakh vadhaai
     paa(n)ch sakhee kero vahaalmo - kene meeleeyore bhaai
     shamku(n) ddhu(n)ddha(n)te dekhte - ketaa jug gayaa viraa          ketaa bhavbhayaa.............................................1
Countless blessings be given to the one who says that the Lord is coming! Lucky is the man who has met the one who is loved by the Five Friends, o brother!

R: In searching and looking for the Lord how many ages have passed, o brother, how many lives have been spent!

Those who inform about the gracious arrival of the Lord(Imaam), are entitled to hundreds of thousands of felicitations. O brothers! the one who has recognised the one(Imaam), is as dear as the five dearest ones("Panjtan Pak"). Seeking and looking for the Imaam, O brothers!, numerous ages have gone and many incarnations have been consumed.

ejee swaamee ke gale me(n) haar hay - heeraa maannek jaddeeyaa
     jeesare bhaave taaku(n) det hay - saaheb hay deel dariyaa....2
Around the Master's neck there is a necklace, set with diamonds and jewels. He gives to whom he pleases, for the Lord is infinitely generous.

There is a necklace worn by the Imaam where in diamonds and gems are studded.(expression of heavenly and invaluable treasure of wisdom and knowledge at the disposal of the Imaam). He gratifies (guides) whom He likes (since) the Imaam is ocean heartedly generous.

ejee swaamee maaro chatur sujaann hay - aape sreshtth divaan
     jeesa ke bharose sthir rahyaa - rahyaa jameen aasmaan........3
My Master is knowing and wise, and his is the supreme authority. He who abides firmly trusting in him has the earth and the sky at his feet.

My Lord(Imaam) is All Intelligent and All Knowing, He is the one who is to judge and take account of your deeds. By His support and guidance, a devotee attains control over the earth and the heavens.

ejee jaa(n)thakee hee jug jeet hay - ma(n)y hu(n) baa(n)dee re          taakee
     vachane vachane paau(n) bharu - cha(n)daa suraj saakhee......4
So long as this world endures, I am his handmaiden. I humbly obey his every command, the moon and the sun be my witness.

I am a slave of the one by whose cause the entire universe is alive and active. I place my footsteps according to His guidances, the sun and the moon bear witness to this fact.

ejee peer sadardeen boliyaa - koi man aapnnu samajaave
     kapaddaa dhove so kyaa huvaa - deel dhove so paave...........5
Pir Sadardeen has said: if anyone would make his mind understand, then what comes of washing clothes? Discovery comes through cleansing the heart.

Peer Sadardeen says and enlightens your mind(heart). Of what good is it to clean your clothes( be ostentatious). It is only through the purity of the inner being(heart) that one attains(salvation and the timeless rewards).

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