Pir Sadardeen

Congratulations to the one who gives glad tidingd of the arrivals of the Lord
who has embraced the adorer of the five best elements
(truth, patience, tolerance, faith in and remembrance of the Lord)
How many yugas and avatars have I gone through looking for the Lord? ...1

The Lord has a necklace of pearls and jewels, He bestows these jewels to those whom He likes.
He is very generous.

How many yugas...2

My Lord is very intelligent and full of awareness and is Himself the best judge.
It is the one on whom depend the earth and the heavens.
How many jugas...3

I am the servant of Him because of whom the whole world survives
Every step I take is based on His Farmans,
The moon and the sun are my witnesses.

How many jugas...4

Pir Sadardeen says we have to listen to the one who explains to us,
What is the good of outward cleanliness,
the real cleanliness that (will earn us the nearness to our Lord)
is required is that of the heart.

How many jugas...5