Pir Sadardeen

He who brings news of Majesty's coming,
A million congratulations is surely deserving,
The most coveted one of attributes five,
Who has found O my brother!
In quest and search of Royal Lover,
Cycles of time as well as centuries cover.
In quest...1

Round Majestic neck is a wonderful necklace,
Studed with diamonds and gems priceless,
He bestows unto them whomever he likes,
His heart is ocean having no dykes.
In quest...2

My Lord is the wisest and all knowing,
Supreme in Sway and grandest in rule,
Just on his reliance stand so solid,
The earth and sky in nature's pool.
In quest...3

Through whom this universe does exist,
I as His slave am too in it,
Word by word I wend my way,
The sun and moon will sure dare-say.
In quest...4

Pir Sadardeen so kindly and nicely says,
Reform the conscience using best ways,
Washing of clothes is of no avail,
Washing of heart invites peace to prevail
In quest...5