hojeere praannee jyaare tu(n) geerbhaathaan vasa(n)to,

taee(n)ye tu(n) hato geenaanva(n)to;

u(n)dhe u(n)dhe mustak upar charannaa,

evee evee kasttee bhogavatore.......

dhan maaru(n) maaru(n) tu(n) ma kareesh praanneeyaa tu(n) mareesh,

maayaa man baa(n)dho lobhe jeev laago;

a(n)takaalle sarave ubhaa melee,

neervaann jaaish tu(n) naagore

dhan maaru(n)...................1

O dear living ones, when you were in your mother's stomach, you had

the understanding of the 'Gnaan'(Divine knowledge and wisdom). Your head was in an upside down position with your legs over it. Such were the tribulations you endured during that period.

R: Do not consider the wealth to be yours, o living creature, you will have to die. Your heart(mind) is bound(attached) to this illusory existence and your soul is engaged in greed. At the final moment you will leave everything still(standing). For certain you will go naked

jeere praannee kol daeene kaljug maa(n)he aaveeyo,

jeevddo jaanne hu(n) chhutto;

lobh savaarth karavaane laago,

ne shaahjeesu(n) chaaleeyo khottore

dhan maaru(n)....................2

Dear living creature, having given a promise, you have come into this age(time) but the soul regarded itself to be free. It began to engage itself in selfishness and greed and proceeded towards the Lord in a negative manner.

jeere praannee kalare vaaddeemaa(n) fal kaachaa ne paakaa,

saareene saghallaa veenne;

naanaa motaanee shaah moro veegat jaanne,

pann man gamataa fal veennere

dhan maaru(n).................3

Dear living creature, in the garden of the present age there are raw and ripe fruits. Everybody evaluates and selects them accordingly. My Lord knows the detail of the small and the great ones, but (the soul) chooses the fruits of it's heart's desire.

jeere praannee haath ghase ne dhusaasaa mele,

jeebhladdeeye taallaa(n) deedhaa(n);

ghannero ghannero praannee rovaane laago,

pann shaahjeenu(n) naam na leedhu(n)re

dhan maaru(n).................4

Dear living creature, (at the final moment, the sinful soul) rubs it's hands and sighs in regret and the tongue is locked(it cannot speak). The living being begins to cry a great deal but it is unable to recite(remember) the name of the Lord(it is too late).

jeere praannee dhaa(n)ho padde ne dhusaasaa mele,

jeev nee vaare te koi nahee aave;

sagaare kuttu(m)b sarave malee karee betthaa(n),

pann jeev ekaladdo jaavere

dhan maaru(n).................5

Dear living creature, there will be a sudden attack(by the angel of death) and the soul will sigh(with regret and fear). At that moment nobody will come to the rescue of the soul. The family and relatives will all gather and sit, but the soul will have to go alone.

jeere praannee aaveeyo tu(n) naago ne jaaeesh naago,

praannee tu(n) kettlaak naattak naachyo;

bhanne peer sadardeen kahe sunno gateeyu(n) momano,

naam saahebjeeko saachore..............6

Dear living ones, you have come naked and you will go naked. O living ones, how many different roles you have played in various dramas that you have experienced. Peer Sadardeen teaches and says: "listen o momins of the congregation, the name of the Lord is true".