Paths 11 to 21 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere:   bhrahm gnaan maa(n)he jo rahyaa
                 varee daanat raakhe tthaam
                 te to soll kallaanee jot maa(n)he jai malle
                 tene suje sarave kaam re........................11
The True Guide says: Whoever remains within the guidance of the Divine knowledge, and directs his/her intentions toward the abode as well, will go and meet in the splendour of the sixteen mansions on the moon. And he/she will be inspired to do all the (righteous)work.
satgur kahere:   jenne kallaa joi deen kee
                 te jeev parale nahee jaay
                 satgur shamsh em bhanne
                 bhaai te a(n)te bhellaa thaay re................12
The True Guide says: Whoever has realised the power of religion, will never go astray. This is as per the teachings of The True Guide Peer Shamsh. Brother, all such people gather at the end.
satgur kahere:   amaaraa ra(n)g je dekhshe
                 tene deen suje saar
                 tene laakh aavee veree male
                 toe na mele satno tthaar re.....................13
The True Guide says: Whoever realises our colours(attributes), will be inspired to religion completely. Even if one lakh enemies confront him/her, this person will not abondon the coolness derived from truth.
satgur kahere:   dekhe e khel jenne satsu
                 te kem mele satshu neh
                 tene jo laakh krodd asatee aavee male
                 bhaai te maa(n)he sarase teh re.................14
The True Guide says: Whoever realises the mysteries of the Truth; how can he/she abondon the love for the truth? Even if one lakh crore false ones confront him/her, brother, this person will prevail easily over them.
satgur kahere:   saar shu thaashe te loknee
                 jene nathee ved veechaar
                 te aall bole sat dharam ne
                 bhaai geenaan na veechaare gemaar re............15
The True Guide says: How will they(the people) be perfected who have not reflected upon the holy scriptures? They are the ones who direct false accusation towards the True Religion. Brother, they never reflect upon the Divine knowledge.
satgur kahere:   jene kaleje baann laagaa neh tannaa
                 tenee ddhrashttee kem avare jaay
                 tenu pee(n)ddh chaale murt lokmaa(n)
                 tenee surtee aakaash jaay re....................16
The True Guide says: Whoever's liver has been pierced by the arrow of love, how can this person's vision go astray. This person's body will move in the physical plane(the earth), where as the consciousness will be in the heavens.
satgur kahere:   surat neerat jenee rennee maa(n)he
                 ane sat sohaay tene saar
                 chaar murat suje deepak tene deelmaa(n)he
                 te jape aja(n)pee-aa jaap re...................17
The True Guide says: Whoever spends the night fully aware of and love directed towards the Beloved, the Truth manifests in him/her perfectly. He/She gets inspiration from four sources of Light within his/her heart and recites (remembers) the unpronouciable word from within his/her being.

satgur kahere:   aja(n)peeyaa jaap jees ghatt vase
                 tees ghatt maa(n)he sahee deepak jaann
                 sol kallaa suje tene deel maa(n)
                 bhaai tene kal jug na lope jaann re.............18
The True Guide says: Whoever's being vibrates with the unpronounceable word, in truth this being embodies the Light. This person's heart feels the splendour of the light of sixteen mansions of the moon. Brother, the present (evil) era will not deceive him.
satgur kahere:   te deepak jaage-aa jaapasu
                 te maa(n)he surat neerat samaay
                 satso tene jeebhe rahe
                 gur kahe hu(n) paas tene sahee jaann re.........19
The True Guide says: A person who is awake to remembrance for the sake of that Light, and the consciousness and love is focussed towards it, and his/her tongue is truthful; the Guide says know that in truth He is present with such a person.
satgur kahere:   jenaa deel maa(n)he gur bhrahmaa vasee rahyaa
                 ane tene kem suje nee(n)daa ne chen
                 te sa(n)saar nee vaat sahu saa(n)bhale
                 toe na ddolaave potaanu man re..................20
The True Guide says: In whoever's heart the Light of Prophethood has resided, how can such a person feel like backbiting and playing? He/She will hear all the talk of the world, but his/her own mind will not be shaken.
satgur kahere:   jenaa ghatt maa(n)he peer shah vasee rahyaa
                 ane bharpur betthaa jaann
                 tene shetaan kem lopse
                 jenne deel maa(n)hethee maaree kaadhshe kaarre.21
The True Guide says: In whose body Peer Shah has resided and know that He is omnipresent therein, how can the devil deceive such a person? The one who has slayed and removed the dirt from his/her heart(by the Grace of the True Guide).

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