Paths 121 to 131 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere:   jyaa nee(n)daa thaay ne rees ghanneree
                 ane krodh mottero thaay
                 te kaalle moddhe chaalshe
                 te tame shene karo evaa kaam re................121
The True Guide says: In whose being there is backbiting and a great deal of (our) displeasure, and there is a great deal of anger, such a person will walk with a black face. Why do you engage in these kind of works.
satgur kahere:   jyaa anat dev aavee mallshe
                 ane mallashe te aalam ne sa(n)saar
                 te maa(n)he kaalle moddhe chaalsho
                 ane ghannaa thaasho khuvaar re.................122
The True Guide says: There limitless spirits will come and meet and they will meet in the world. In that gathering you(the backbiters and slanderers) will be having black faces, and you will be rendered useless in many ways.
satgur kahere:   chaar deen tame jeevsho
                 te maa(n)he laagee chhe preet apaar
                 te kaale preet-j truttshe
                 tyaare aagall shu desho javaab re..............123
The True Guide says: You will live for four days(a short while) and you have unlimited love for it(this life and it's pleasures). The entire love will break tomorrow and then in the hereafter what account will you give.
satgur kahere:   kaayaa kaachee kaale galee jaashe
                 taare jeevne thaashe dukh apaar
                 te jeevne tame raakhjo sanasu
                 ane paarkee nee(n)daa ma karjo lagaar re.......124
The True Guide says: The raw body will be buried tomorrow and then the soul will have unlimited tribulation. Keep such a soul alert and attentive(to it's purpose) and never engage yourselves in backbiting and slandering others.
satgur kahere:   chetann haaraa tame chetajo
                 ane kahuchhu chheleevaar
                 tyaa ame akhaadde chaddee pukaar shu
                 tyaa chor thaasho nirvaann re..................125
The True Guide says: The heedful be forewarned and I am informing you for the last time. There at the gathering we will rise and cry out to you, and there you will be thieves for certain.
satgur kahere:   khat ghaddee tame jaagjo
                 je vellaa nur nee kahevaay
                 potaanu pee(n)ddh tame saa(n)chavjo
                 bhaai beejaanu shu chhe kaam re................126
The True Guide says: Be awake for the last six ghadis of the night, that is the time of the Light. Look after your owm bodies. Brother, what have you to do with others' work(mind your own business!).
satgur kahere:   a(n)tar no bhed kene nav aalee-e
                 jo sheer kaapee dee-e haath
                 te jo sheer kaapee leeye aapannu
                 bhaai toy bhed na aap re.......................127
The True Guide says: Do not reveal the inner mysteries to anyone even if one assists you to the extent of sacrificing his/her head. Even if one slays your own head, brother, do not give the mysteries to him/her.
satgur kahere:   sheer deedhu toy shu thayu
                 jo radeh na bheenu(n) jaann
                 pann kattkaa kare kaayaa tannaa
                 tobe aja(n)pe-aa jaap vinaa kuddaa kaam re.....128
The True Guide says: So what if one gives away the head if the heart is not moist(imbued with love). Even if one makes sacrifices to the extent of slaughtering the body into pieces, without the existence of the unpronounciable word (sound) within, all work is false.
satgur kahere:   dharam tene aalee-e
                 jo hove dharamee mahaa sujaann
                 avar koi maathe aavee padde
                 koi dushman nee foj-j jaann re.................129
The True Guide says: Give(talk about) religion to the person who is religious and very knowledgable. If it(religion) falls upon someone else, know it as an army(weapon) of the enemy.
satgur kahere:   foj dal to daitya tannee
                 teno a(n)te laage jor
                 pann naaraayann nu naam jene radeh vase
                 te ja(n)pe ajapee-aa jaap re..................130
The True Guide says: The weapons and army belong to the demon and it's strength last's till it's end(it is temporary). But in whose heart the Lord's name resides, is the one who recites the unpronounciable word (which manifests infinite strength).
satgur kahere:   sheer padde to sahee rahee-e
                 pann na kaaddhee-e potaano bhed-j bahaar
                 te jeev ne ame kol-j aalee-e
                 gur kahe te am saathe jaann re.................131
The True Guide says: Even if the head falls, still remain in truth, but do not reveal the mysteries to the outside. Indeed such are the souls whom we give the promise entirely. The Guide says know that we are with them.

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