Paths 187 to 197 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere:   jenne par naree tajee ved tatvashu
                 ane radeh maa(n)he raakheeyo dharam neh
                 te amathee aagall jai besashe
                 jyaa chhe amaaro tthaam re.....................187
The True Guide says: Whoever gave up illicit relationship after reflecting upon the essence of the scripture, and in his heart had maintained the love for religion, will go and sit in front of us at our abode.
satgur kahere:   amaaraa dharam maa(n) je jeev rahyaa
                 ane tene chhe amaaro ra(n)g
                 tene haree hete shu huraau deshe
                 ane tene deshe ghannaa ghannaa maan re.........188
The True Guide says: The souls that have remained in our religion, have our colour(attributes). The Lord will bestow upon them with love the angels and will shower them with a lot of respect and honour.
satgur kahere: huraamaa(n)he jaai te jeev raheshe
               teno amaraapuree maa(n)he vaas
               te ghar ame jai besashu
               teno karshu ghano maheemaay re...................189
The True Guide says: These souls will go and stay amongst the angels and their abode is in paradise. We will go and sit in these houses and will accord them with grandeur and dignity.
satgur kahere:   maheemaa amaaro maataa tanno
                 ane peetaa amane jaann
                 pann par stree kaarann amane melsho
                 to ame maataa peetaa kem thaay neervaann re....190
The True Guide says: Our grandeur corresponds to motherhood and we are your father. But if for the sake of the woman other than your wife, you abandon us, how can we become your mother and father for certain?
satgur kahere:   maheemaa amaaro raakhjo
                 ane vachan amaaraa sheer chaddaay
                 te to paa(n)ch hatyaa thee chhuttse
                 te amaaraa vachan ne partaape..................191
The True Guide says: Always keep our dignity and respect and keep our farmans in your heads(minds). One will be freed from the five evil vices through remembrance and obedience to our farmans.
satgur kahere:   amaaraa vachan je maanshe
                 ane te hose amaare paas
                 te paa(n)ch hatyaa thee allago raheshe
                 te paamshe amaaro deedaar re...................192
The True Guide says: Whoever believes in and follows our farmaans, will be in our presence. This person will remain away from the five evil vices and will be embraced by our Vision and Light.
satgur kahere:   te deedaar amaaro paamshe
                 vallee besashe amaare paas
                 te mevaa paame atee ghannaa
                 ane paamshe shaah no deedaar re................193
The True Guide says: Such a person will attain our Vision and Light and will sit in our presence as well. He/she will attain the fruits in abundance and will attain the Vision and the Light of the Lord.
satgur kahere:   tyaa mevaa paamshe atee ghannaa
                 ane malaaek aave hajur-j maa(n)he
                 tyaa ana(n)t kheejmat aavee karshe
                 em kahe satgur shamsh neervaann re.............194
The True Guide says: Such a person will attain fruits in abundance and his/her entire presence will be filled by angels who will come to perform unlimited service there. This is told by the True Guide Peer Shamsh for certain.
satgur kahere:   kaayaa naav keeje haree naam kee
                 maa(n)he bharee-e sat no bhaar
                 dasho(n)d sukareet gat aagall deejee-e
                 bhaai te satgur ke farmaan re..................195
The True Guide says: Construct the body of the boat by the name of the Lord and fill it with the load of truth. Submit the tithe and the good deeds in the presence of the congregation(in Jamaatkhana). Brother, do it through the farmaan of the True Guide.
satgur kahere:   gat gangaa maa(n)he sukareet keejee-e
                 ane keejee-e radeh neermal jaann
                 te radeh maa(n)he kaaik kaaelee aannsho
                 to tene gur gat nu nahee farmaan re............196
The True Guide says: Perform good deeds in gat gangaa (Jamatkhana) and make your hearts spotless. If you will retain any shortcoming in your hearts then you will not have followed the farmaans of the Guide and congregation(Jamat Khana).
satgur kahere:   farmaane maahaadan utare
                 ane gat farmaane paatak jaay
                 gat farmaane chhantto nakhaavee-e
                 je maa(n)he gat ga(n)gaa nu snaan-j thaay re...197
The True Guide says: By the farmaans (burden of) the great day (of reckoning) is reduced and by the farmaans of the congregation(gat) all the sins are removed. By the farmaan of the congregation partake in the chhantaa ceremony through which the cleansing of the gat gangaa (Jamaat khaanaa) takes place.

Gangaa literally means the River Ganges. The hindus perform bathing in it to purify their souls. The Jamaat Khaanaa serves the purpose of the Ganges by having the purifying rituals and in particular the chhantaa ceremony mentioned in the above verse.

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