Paths 209 to 219 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere:   amaaraa vachan je maanse
                 te chhe amaarare galekaa haar
                 tene galekaa haar karee raakhsu
                 tees momanke sukhakaa a(n)t na paar re.........209
The True Guide says: A person who follows our farmaans is like a necklace around our neck. We will look after him/her like a necklace and this momin will have unbounded happiness.
satgur kahere:   te veemaras moman hoi rahyaa
                 te gat ga(n)gaane partaape
                 te gat ga(n)gaa vachan je maanshe
                 te moman saachaa neeradhaar re.................210
The True Guide says: Veemras remained a momin through the assistance(means) of the J.K.. The one who follows the commands of the J.K., is indeed a true momin for certain.
satgur kahere:   moman tenu naam chhe 
                 je man maa(n)he raakhe na bhraa(n)t
                 je moman bhraa(n)t raakhshe
                 bhaai te kaacho hove neerdhaar re..............211
The True Guide says: A momin is the one who does not entertain any doubt in his/her heart. A momin who will retain any doubt, brother, is unripe for certain.
satgur kahere:   duniyaa sarve dureejan chhe
                 ane koi keeseeke sa(n)g na thaay
                 lobhe aavee ka(n)heek malyaa
                 pann khaal seer deedho na jaay re..............212
The True Guide says: The entire world is wicked and nobody is a companion of anyone. Many a desirous(of the world) one have come and met(us and left), but the one who gave up the skin and the head did not go(anywhere and remained with us).
satgur kahere:   sur bhaanne khaal utaaree amane deedhee
                 te to dekhtaa sarve sa(n)saar
                 tyaa anek aadmee am saathe hataa
                 bhaai temaa(n) koi na aave paas re............213
The True Guide says: Surbhaann removed his skin and gave it to us and the entire world watched this happen. There, numerous people were with us. Brother, nobody amongst them comes to us.
satgur kahere:   man hoy to khaal-j deejee-e
                 ane man veenaa na hoe kaam
                 te man ddhu(n)ddhee kaaddhee-e
                 te lok man dureejan jaann re...................214
The True Guide says: If you have the heart then give us the entire skin and without the heart there is no work. Remove it after seeking the Heart. Know the hearts of the rest as evil.
satgur kahere:   surbhaann amane aavee malyaa
                 te aavyaa mocheeke per
                 ame tene harkhe su teddaavyaa
                 te aavee potaa amaaree paas re.................215
The True Guide says: Surbhaann came and met us and he came in the disguise of a shoemaker. We invited him heartily to come by himself to us.

satgur kahere:   amaaraa hajur maa(n)he te rahyaa
                 ane hukam amaaraa maa(n)he jaann
                 ame sarve taaefe shaah nazafane
                 ame shaah nazafthee karaavsu maaf re...........216
The True Guide says: He remained in our presence and within the bounds of our orders. All of us circumbulated Shaah Nazaf and through Shaah Nazaf, we will pardon the sins.
satgur kahere:   surbhaann ne suratee amaaree
                 vallee amaaro tene laago neh
                 tyaare pyaalo ame ettho aalyo
                 bhaai taare paamyaa bhed re....................217
The True Guide says: Surbhaann has us in his consciousness and he has love for us as well. At that moment we gave him the cup containing the leftover of the water that we drank. Brother, at that moment he realised the essence(of us).
satgur kahere:   bhed paayaa ne jot pragattee
                 tej rup huaa sarup
                 taare ame paarkhu(n) joyu(n)
                 te gat ga(n)gaa ne partaap re..................218
The True Guide says: He realised the essence and the light manifested(in him). His face (form) was radiant with light. At that time we observed the test through the help of the J.K..
satgur kahere:   gat ga(n)gaa ne ame aagallthee
                 ane vachan kahyaa tran
                 te gat tran vaar vachan maanyaa
                 tyaare ame keedhaa gupat-j kaam re.............219
The True Guide says: From the front of the J.K., we gave three promises(commands). The jamaat obeyed the three commands. Then at that moment we performed the silent work entirely.

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