Paths 44 to 54 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere:   duniyaa sareekho je chaalshe
                 tenu(n) man raakhe sab koi
                 je vaatt chhoddee uvaatte chaalshe
                 tene kaa(n)hee na kahevaay re...................44
The True Guide says: Whoever conducts himself/herself like the worldly people, his heart(mind) will be engrossed in all of them. If a person leaves the Path and walks outside it, nothing can be told to this person.
satgur kahere:   duniyaa chhoddee je deen su(n) chaalshe
                 tenu aasan chhe shaah peer ne paas
                 tyaa darshan dekhe te nurnaa
                 tyaa duniyaa thaashe halaak re..................45
The True Guide says: Whoever abandons the world and conducts himself/herself religiously, has his/her seat at the presence of Shah Peer. There he/she will have the Vision of (Divine)Light and there the world will perish.
satgur kahere:   duniyaa kaale fanaa hojaaese
                 tame mat chhoddo shaah peer su ra(n)g
                 jo seer kaapee sansaar lee-e
                 bhaai toe na chhoddo shaah su sa(n)g re.........46
The True Guide says: The world will be in a state of annihilation tomorrow. Do not abandon the colours of the Shaah Peer. If the world takes your head having slayed it, brother, do not abandon the company of the Imaam(Lord).
satgur kahere:   peeyu to vase chhe jot maa(n)he
                 te aavshe ghattmaa(n)he jaann
                 te ghatt maa(n)he deevo keeje dharam no
                 to dharam utaare paar re........................47
The True Guide says: the Beloved resides in the Light and it(the Light) will come to the body. Inside the body kindle the Light of religion, then the Religion will take you across.
satgur kahere:   dharam to mottu(n) saachnu(n)
                 te saache saach kevaa-e
                 jenaa ghattmaa(n)he nur-j vaapeeyaa
                 te kuddsu(n) na raakhe het re...................48
The True Guide says: The greatness of Religion is due to the Truth, and it is regarded as absolutely true. In whoever's being the Light is manifest entirely, this person does not have love for the evil.
satgur kahere:   kuddsu(n) dharam-j jaay chhe
                 ane ghattmaa(n)he padde a(n)dhakaar
                 te mukhthee geenaan-j bolshe
                 ane man maa(n)he baajeekaar re..................49
The True Guide says: Due to falsehood, the entire religion vanishes and the being is plunged into darkness. Such a person will talk entirely about Divine knowledge from the mouth, while the heart remains deceitful.
satgur kahere:   evaa kudd kapatt sarave melajo
                 ane lejo dharam aachaar
                 kaayaa kaachee kaale galeejaashe
                 pachhee aagal thaashe dukh apaar re.............50
The True Guide says: Abandon such deceit and falsehood entirely and partake in religious activities. The raw body will be buried tomorrow and thereafter there will befall great tribulations and regrets.
satgur kahere:   kaale kaall-j aavshe
                 ane leshe jeev utthaay
                 tyaa eklo sahu koi thaashe
                 tyaa kuddaa thaashe khuvaar re..................51
The True Guide says: Tomorrow death will come for certain and will demand the soul. There every soul will be alone, and the false ones will be rendered useless.
satgur kahere:   kharaane seer chhatra ddhallaavshe
                 ane bes-she peer ne hajur 
                 kuddaa tyaa bahu roshe
                 ane roshe sabhaanee paas re.....................52
The True Guide says: The Lord will cover the heads of the truthful and they will be seated in the presence of the Peer(the prophetic light). The false ones will cry there a great deal and will cry in the assembly(gathering).
satgur kahere:   dharam amaaro utam chhe
                 te utam sadaa sahee jaann
                 satpanth sol kallaa ugeeyo
                 jenne jaannyo amaaro bhed re....................53
The True Guide says: Our religion is exalted and know it as the most exalted and the best in truth. The Religion of the splendour and the brightness of the sixteen mansions on the moon has indeed grown, in whom who has understood our essence.
satgur kahere:   amaaro bhed jenne jaannyo
                 ane jaannee a(n)tar nee vaat
                 tees ghatt nee(n)daa na hose paar kee
                 te satnee karashe vaat re.......................54
The True Guide says: The person who has understood our essence and who has understood the discourse(words) of the inside, will never harbour evil thoughts of others and speak ill of anyone, and will talk about the truth only.

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