Paths 77 to 87 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere:   nee(n)daa kartaa te jeev nee 
                 vallee te ektthaa besatthaa jaann
                 te nee(n)daa maa(n)he thee ettlu(n) paameeyaa
                 te narag maa(n)he gayaa neervaann re............77
The True Guide says: They used to backbite and slander those souls and they used to seat with oneness of mind. Such were the benefits from backbiting that they eventually went to hell for certain.
satgur kahere:   je gur saachaa devtaa
                 te gur sreshtee naa seerjann haar
                 jenne gur nar peechhaannyaa imaansu
                 te shu(n) nee(n)daa nu na chaale jor re.........78
The True Guide says: The Guide who is the true giver(bestower) is the Guide who is the Creator of the universe. Whoever has recognised the Imaam and the Peer by conviction of faith, will not be affected by the force of backbiting and slander against him/her.
satgur kahere:   ame aparaadhee bahu laaveeyaa
                 ane laaveeyaa sa(n)saar saagar maa(n)he
                 amaaraa vachan je maanse nahee
                 te jaase narag maa(n)he re.....................79
The True Guide says: We have brought many sinful and guilty ones and we have brought them into the ocean of this world. Whoever will not pay heed to our commands will go to hell.
satgur kahere:   ame athar ved bhaa(n)kheeyaa
                 te amaaraa mukhthee jaann
                 te amaaraa mukhnee bhaashaa nahee saa(n)bhale
                 ane raakhshe nee(n)daasu neh re................80
The True Guide says: We have foretold in the final scripture (the Holy Qur'aan) with our own mouth. Whoever does not listen to the language of our mouth will eventually end up loving backbiting and slander.
satgur kahere:   nee(n)daa evee jaannee-e 
                 jesee ku(n)vaaree kanyaa jaann
                 nee(n)daa paarkee je kare
                 tene ku(n)vaaree kanyaanu(n) kala(n)k jaann re.81
The True Guide says: Backbiting and slander is such that it can be compared to(the curse of?) a virgin woman. Whoever engages in slandering others will have the stigma of(curse from?) a virgin woman attached to him/her.
satgur kahere:   ku(n)vaaree kanyaa dharam tthaam chhe
                 tene pitaa laage pann paay
                 te pitaane kanyaa nu kala(n)k chadde
                 je kare paarkee nee(n)daa jaann re..............82
The True Guide says: The virgin woman is at the abode of religion, even her father bows at her feet. The father will have the curse from the virgin woman if he engages in backbiting and slandering others.
satgur kahere:   das aasmaan ame joyaa
                 ane joyaa sarave sa(n)saar
                 sahu maa(n)he ame joyaa
                 to nee(n)daa nee bahu chhe pukaar re............83
The True Guide says: We have seen the ten heavens and have seen the entire world. In all of the above we have seen(visited). The regrets and tribulations that incur upon the backbiters and slanderers are not to be found anywhere seen by us.
satgur kahere:   satpa(n)th sareekho koi nahee
                 jenee nar paase chhe saakh
                 te satpa(n)th pujyaanu(n) dharam sarve jaase
                 je nee(n)daa su raakhe vevaar re................84
The True Guide says: There is nothing like (more exalted than) the True Path, for the ones who have the Link with the Imaam. The religious benefits due to worshipping and following the True Path will vanish in entirety if one indulges in backbiting and slander.
satgur kahere:   nee(n)daa dharam-j jaase
                 ane nee(n)daa-e jaase vevaar
                 nee(n)daa-e sarag-j jaase
                 ane nee(n)daa-e jaase deedaar re................85
The True Guide says: Due to backbiting and slander the entire religion will go. And due to backbiting and slander all relationships will go. Due to backbiting and slander the entire heavens will vanish and due to backbiting and slander the Spiritual Vision and Light will go.
satgur kahere:   nee(n)daa-e ba(n)dhav laddshe
                 nee(n)daa-e putra pitaane kare dhaaye
                 nee(n)daa-e naaree ne kala(n)k chaddavshe
                 nee(n)daa-e maataane putra maare laat re........86
The True Guide says: Due to backbiting and slander friends will fight each other. Due to backbiting and slander a son will curse his father. Due to backbiting and slander the husband will impute(attach stigma to) his own wife. Due to backbiting and slander the son will kick his own mother.
satgur kahere:   nee(n)daa-e kala(n)k chaddaavshe
                 te satpa(n)thee ne chhe haraam
                 nee(n)daa evee chhe paapnnee
                 jethee bagadde sarave kaam re...................87
The True Guide says: Due to backbiting and slander a curse or a stigma will be attached(permanently), and it is illicit to a follower of the True Path. Backbiting and slander is of such evil nature, that it will spoil all work.

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