Paths 99 to 109 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere:   laalach dekho jeev naa
                 je kare paarkee nee(n)daa jaann
                 taare te be taddthee ddolee paddshe
                 teno jaashe dharam niyaam neervaann re..........99
The True Guide says: Watch the allurement of the soul that backbites and slanders others. As a result this person will be split into two and will fall down shaking. All his/her tenets of religion will vanish for certain.
satgur kahere:   nee(n)daa keedhe shu thaaye
                 ane vallee jethee imaan-j jaay
                 gur nar naa tyaa chor kahevaashe
                 bhaai aakhar narag maa(n)he tthaam re..........100
The True Guide says: What happens to a person indulging in backbiting and slander. By it the entire faith vanishes. Such people will be regarded as Shah Peer's thieves. Brother, in the hereafter they will have an abode in hell.
satgur kahere:   sufal kaame sarave tarase
                 ane aagal chhe tol meezaan
                 tyaa teel teelnu(n) lekhu(n) saaheb maagshe
                 te haajar gur besaaddee jaann re...............101
The True Guide says: Through rewarding actions everyone will swim (across the ocean of the worldly existence), and ahead there are scales for weighing. There the Lord will ask about even minute actions equivalent in weight to simsim seeds. It will be in the presence of the Guide who will be seated there.
satgur kahere:   tol meezaan ame jannaavyaa
                 ane tame ddarjo sarave sa(n)saar
                 te aagall jaataa(n) jaannasho
                 bhaai taare ma karajo pukaar re................102
The True Guide says: We have let you know about the weighing of scales, and be fearful about it, the entire world. You will realise this fact when you go ahead. Brothers, at that time do not regret.
satgur kahere:   ame pukaareeyaa ati ghannu
                 ane choutte chaddee jaann
                 pann amaaree pukaar sa(n)bhallee baheraa thaashe
                 tyaa tenee na chaale pukaar re.................103
The True Guide says: We have cried out to you a great deal while standing in the market place. But those who will be deaf to our cries, will not find any response to their cries there.
satgur kahere:   amaaree pukaar je saa(n)bhalle
                 te saa(n)bhalle ekaa(n)te jaann
                 te paa(n)ch hatyaathee allagaa raheshe
                 bhaai te maa(n)he chhe amaare tthaam re........104
The True Guide says: Whoever listens to our cries and pleas, listening with oneness of mind, will keep away from the five vices. Brother, in him/her is our abode.
satgur kahere:   ame aavee te maa(n)he besee-e
                 ane bahoter kotthaa maa(n)he thaa-e avaaj
                 rahennee jaay tenee jaagataa
                 tyaa rachanaa geenaan nee thaay re.............105
The True Guide says: We will come and be seated in (the heart of) such a person and there will be a lot of noise(of celebration) in the palace. The night of this person is spent in an awakened state and that time he/she partakes in Divine knowledge.
satgur kahere:   aja(n)peeyaa jaap tene ghatt vase
                 ane kaayaa maa(n)he thaay ja(n)tree no avaaj
                 tyaa bahoter kotthaa maa(n)he taal ta(n)bal vaaje
                 tenee ghaat jaanne veeralaa koi re.............106
The True Guide says: The unpronounciable word(sound) prevails in the body of such a person and in the body are heard musical sounds. There will be lots of orderly music from the drum like instruments(without the presence of the instruments). Very few courageous souls realise this phenomenon.
satgur kahere:   te jeevnee jeebh amatannee
                 ane vase te sa(n)saar-j maa(n)he
                 je bhraa(n)t kaaddhe manthee
                 tenee dhaat jaanne koi re......................107
The True Guide says: The tongue of such a soul is from us while he/she resides in the world entirely. Whoever removes doubt from the mind, the mystery of such a person is realised by very few.
satgur kahere:   dash aasmaan te maa(n)he vase
                 te maa(n)he surat neerat samaa-e
                 je bhraa(n)t kaaddhe manthee
                 tenee dhrashtee imaanee thaay re..............108
The True Guide says: The ten heavens exist in such a person and real happiness and blissful consciousness is contained there. Whoever removes doubt from his/her mind, this person's vision becomes of faith.
satgur kahere:   saachaa imaanee te kahee-e
                 je maa(n)he vase saachaa imaan
                 te eb na kaddhe paarkaa
                 ane dukh deve aapnne man re....................109
The True Guide says: The truly faithful are regarded as the ones in whom true faith resides. Such persons will not bring out the errors of others and will bear the burden thereof in his/her own mind.

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