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Texts for H.H. Sir Sultan Mohamed Shah, Aga Khan III

Title (Case sensitive)Year
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Aga Khan III Stayed in Zanzibar 29 days while The First Constitution was prepared - 1905 News Event1905-01-01
Aga Khan III wrote an influential Review - 1905 News Event1905-01-01
Aga Khan III visited the Jamats of Gwadar, India - 1905-04-03 to 05 News Event1905-04-03 - 1905-04-05
Aga Khan II Visits east Africa Jamats - 1905-08-15 to 1905-11-12 News Event1905-08-15 - 1905-11-12
Aga Khan III visited the Jamat of Poona - 1906-02-15 to 18 News Event1906-02-15 - 1906-02-18
Aga Khan III headed the first Muslim deputation to Viceroy Lord Minto - 1906-10-01 News Event1906-10-01
Aga Khan III travels across the United States of America by train - 1906-12 News Event1906-12-01
Aga Khan III elected as the first permanent President of the Muslim League - 1907 News Event1907-01-01
Aga Khan III wrote an article for the Journal 'National Review' - 1907-02 News Event1907-02-01
Aga Khan III visited the Jamat of Mumbai, India - 1907-12-28 News Event1907-12-28
Aga Khan III marries Princess Theresa Magliano -1908 News Event1908-01-01
Aga Khan III visited the jamats of Mumbai and Poona - 1908-01 to 06 News Event1908-01-01 - 1908-06-01
Anouncement that Aga Khan III had accepted the offer of permanent Presidentship of the League of Nations - 1908-08-12 News Event1908-01-01
Haji Bibi Case - 1908-02-08 to 1908-09-03 News Event1908-02-08 - 1908-09-03
Aga Khan III visited Florence Nightingale in London - 1908 News Event1909-01-01
Aga Khan III's first son, Mehdi, was born to Princess Theresa Magliano - 1909 News Event1909-01-01
Aga Khan III gave an interview which was published - 1909-02-15 News Event1909-02-15
Aga Khan III sent a letter to the London Muslim League - 1909-02-23 News Event1909-02-23
Article on the First Annual General Meeting of the London Muslim League - 1909-06-24 News Event1909-06-24
The Times London, published a telegram sent by Aga Khan III - 1909-11-15 News Event1909-11-15
Aga Khan III sent a detailed letter to 'The Times' - London - 1909-11-16 News Event1909-11-16
Aga Khan III wrote an article in 'The Times' - London - 1909-12 News Event1909-12-01
A report was presented to Aga Khan III on behalf of the Anjuman-e-Islam - 1910-01-10 News Event1910-01-10
Aga Khan III, guest of honour at the MOA College - 1910-01-25 News Event1910-01-25
Aga Khan III gives the inaugural Address to the All India Muslim League - 1910-01-29 News Event1910-01-29
Aga Khan III visits the Rajkot Jamat - 1910-02-20 News Event1910-02-20
Aga Khan III gave an interview with the Reuters Agency in London - 1910-05 News Event1910-05-01
Aga Khan III attends the funeral of King Edward VIII -1910-06-03 News Event1910-06-03
Aga Khan III Interview ab out unity between Hindu and Muslims - 1910-12-23 News Event1910-12-23
Aga Khan III organises the collection of Rs. 3,000,000 for Aligarh University - 1911 News Event1911-01-01
Aga Khan III wrotes article paying tribute to Lord and Lady Minto - 1911-01-01 News Event1911-01-01
Birth of Prince Aly Soloman Khan - 1911-06-13 News Event1911-06-13
Aga Khan III Writes about 'India's Education and Her Future Position in the Empire.' - 1911-07-01 News Event1911-07-01
Aga Khan III writes an article in News Event1911-07-01
Aga Khan III gives lecture called 'Aga Khan III called, 'Muslims of the British Empire.' - 1911-07-22 News Event1911-07-22
Aga Khan III gives inaugural speech at the All India Muhammedan Educational Conferences - 1911-12-04 News Event1911-12-04
Aga Khan III makes statement on the Repeal of the Partition of Bengal - 1911-12-17 News Event1911-12-17
Aga Khan III calls a Hindu-Muslim Unity Conference at Allahabad - 1912 News Event1912-01-01
Aga Khan III iss awarded the title of G.C.S.I - Knight Grand Commander of the Order of the Star of India - 1912 News Event1912-01-01
Aga Khan III visited Tsar Nicholas II of Russia - 1912 News Event1912-01-01

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