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Kharadhar - Oldest Jamat in Karachi

KARACHI, the biggest city of Pakistan is the Alexander’s haven, the Liverpool of Sub-continent or the Croydon of the East. It is the only city in the world, which became known over thirty times. Crochey, Krotchey Bay, Carnjee, Koratchey, Currachee, Kurrachee and Karachi are its notable appellations, the last however being an official according to The Imperial Gazetteer of India. When Iran did the Greeks under Alexander conquer in the 4th century B.C., the whole Sind came under his supremacy.

Khojki Books in the collection of the Heritage Society


Around 110 books were published in Khojki. Copies of all of them were still in existence in 1989 at the ITREB Library in Bombay Several copies of each were preserved in a closed metal cupboard.

Here is a partial list of the books available for reference only at the Heritage Society:


TITLE: Bhajan Tchitamni (Bhag 1)

PUBLISHER: Hassan Bhay Ladha Khaki


SIZE: 20 x 13 cm

PAGES: 114

DATE: 1897 A.D. (1st August)

PLACE: Bombay - Gat Pirsad Printing Press

PRICE: 1 roupie

TAPSILO: On pages 108 - 112

THE KHOJA CASE 1866 - A Paraphrase



The celebrated Khoja case which lasted for 25 days was litigated in the High Court of Bombay between the months of April and June, 1866, before Justice SIR JOSEPH ARNOULD.


The Plaintiffs were Daya Mahomad, Mahomad Saya, Peer Mohamed Cassumbhoy and Fazulbhoy Goolam Hoosanee with His Majesty's Advocate General as nominal complainant.

The Khojki Script

By Dr. Gulshan Khaki

This presentation is partly based on my published paper [1] dealing with Khojki script as found in some of the earliest manuscripts that I had access to. Prior to discussing the script, I would briefly like to present its history.

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