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Mowlana Sultan Muhammed Shah: The Devoted Champion Of Islam

When "The Times", London, made some unfair allegations against Islam and the Muslims in a leading article in October 1951, Mowlana Sultan Muhammed Shah sent a spirited reply to the newspaper, which was published in its issue of November 6, 1951. He explained that it was because of the spirit of tolerance of Islam that even the smallest Christian and Jewish minorities survived and kept all their doctrines during the thousand years of Muslim rule.

My First Meeting With the Ismailis in Persia

I came in touch with the Ismailis for the first time in Persia, in February 1912. The world was quite different then. No one imagined that the Great World War I, with all its misery and suffering, was just round the corner. Persia was still living in her ancestral mediaeval style, and her affairs were largely going on in their traditional ways, as they were going on for centuries.

The Meaning of Six Days in Which God Created the Heavens and Earth

O Momins, may God guide you to the right path and may He make your abode in the place where you will not hear a useless or a sinful talk.

I have told you that the thick earthly body will not rise to the skies. A belief of this kind cannot stand the test of reason. It is only the spirit which will rise and which does rise even when our body lies here during our stay in this world. It has the potential power of rising and it is not outside its province to rise in reality.

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