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By Dr. Gulshan Khaki

This paper is partly based on one of my previously published paper [1] and draws freely from it.

Satpanth Literature in Khojki Manuscripts

By Mumtaz Ali Tajddin Sadiq Ali


Very little is known today about the early history of Nizari Ismaili Da'wa in the Indian
subcontinent. Except for a few brief mentions in the writings of that period, most of our
information regarding the preaching of Ismailism, the development of Ginanic literature and the
Pirs and Sayyeds who composed them is internal, that is, it is mentioned in their works. While
there is a general agreement amongst the scholars that the works that have survived to the

Some Guidelines for Cataloguing Khojki Manuscripts

By Dr Ali S. Asani, Associate Professor of Indo-Muslim culture, Harvard University

The following are some of the guidelines used to catalogue the collection of Ismaili literature in Indic languages found in the Harvard university library. The collection donated to the Library's Middle Eastern Department, consists of manuscripts, printed texts as well as lithographs in several scripts including Khojki, Gujarati and Devanagari. In 1986, the University received a grant from the National Endowment

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