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An Introduction to Chogadia Ginans

By Mumtaz Ali Tajddin Sadiq Ali

The word gadi means "time", corresponding with the Koranic term, sa’a. During the Ancient times in India, day and night were measured in gadi instead of hours or minutes. According to the Holy Koran: "They are indeed in loss who give lie to the meeting with God until when the hour (al-sa’a) comes upon them all of a sudden." (6:31) Here, the hour (al-sa’a) stands for the gadi (moment) of death, which is also depicted in the following lines of a ginan:-

Sayan’ji mor’e dar lago ek din’ko

An Ismaili Interpretation of the Fall of Adam

During a recent stay in Cairo, I found in the Taimuriya library a manuscript copy of an interesting Ismaili work entitled Kitabu'l-idah wa'l-Bayan, by the Yemenite da'i Husain ibn 'Ali (*1)

Antiquities of the Illuminati - 4. THE PURE BRETHREN OF BASRA

Isma'ili, Yezidi, Sufi.

IT IS an impossible task, presenting an entire history of schismatic Islamic
sects and Secret Societies in a short chapter. None of the sects which we shall
be surveying in this section fall under the category of Sabian, proper. However,
since there have been misunderstandings in the West as to the term Sabian, Sabaean,
etc., and to the connections between the Templars, Rosicrucians and Sufis, "Suphees",
"Sufees" "Sophees", "Sophis", etc., the Assassins,

The Aga Khan our personality of the year
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