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Waez Audio Entries

Most waezes may not be listened to online.
You must first download them and then listen to them on your computer.

Sultan Muhammad Shah - 44:05Sultan Muhammad ShahIndian Languages
Ruhani and Ruhaniyat - 64:04RUHANIYAT | RUHANIIndian Languages
Ismailis in Muslim World - 76:05Ismailism | ismailis | Muslim WorldIndian Languages
Ghiryazari Tasbih - 64:07Indian Languages
Farman bardari - 61:20Farman bardariIndian Languages
Religious Education - 64:04Religious EducationIndian Languages
Mazhabi Ilm - 63:14Indian Languages
Aamaal - 64:07AAMAALIndian Languages
Salvation - 64:04SalvationIndian Languages
Dukh and Sukh - 64:18Dukh | SukhIndian Languages
General Waez - 90:07Indian Languages
Ginan Saksang - 96:05Indian Languages
General Waez - 59:36Indian Languages
General Waez - 63:05Indian Languages
Spiritual Upliftment - 50:59Spiritual UpliftmentIndian Languages
General Waez - 64:05Indian Languages
General Waez - 64:14Indian Languages
General Waez - 55:05Indian Languages
026 Noor - 44:58NoorIndian Languages | Gujrati
024 Seva - 47:10Seva | Voluntary ServiceIndian Languages | Gujrati

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