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Waez Audio Entries

Most waezes may not be listened to online.
You must first download them and then listen to them on your computer.

TECHNIQUES FOR SITTING IN BANDAGI - Nov. 05, 200046:43meditation | BANDAGIHindi | Indian Languages
PROPHET MUHAMMED, QURAN & HADITH 59:12PROPHET MOHAMMED | baitul khayal | dua | namazHindi | Indian Languages
FACTS FROM GINANS - Jan. 07, 199972:04Pir | Jug | Cosmology | salwatHindi
BANDAGI - General Bait-ul-Khayal Waez30:17BANDAGIHindi | Indian Languages
KNOWLEDGE IN GINANS - Dec. 04, 199861:45Guptis | GINANS | ChinaHindi
0430-ETHICS OF ISLAM - 24:47ethicsUrdu

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